Guess who's back, back again...

So I think this is about the third time I've made a return to blogging after a long hiatus now. I really thought I'd thrown in the blogging towel this time, but I've been tempted back yet again. This time I'm planning on changing things up on here, and am currently fiddling about with themes and planning on changing the name of the blog. The main thing I want to do is write about what I've made in the kitchen, for the sole purpose of my own enjoyment, so I want to get the ball rolling with posting otherwise I'll get bored with fiddling about and give up before I've even started!

I was thinking of closing this blog entirely and starting again, but I didn't really want to lose my old posts and so I'm just going to carry on where I left off. As I can't bear to miss anything out, I'm therefore going to post a quick round up of what I've been making during the past couple of years. Not much detail, I'm lucky that I can remember mostly what recipes they were, and what they were for...

Layer cakes

L-R: Chicago fudge cake for Mike's birthday 2015 (Hummingbird Bakery, Home Sweet Home), St Clements Pistachio cake for fun (recipe here), Coffee cake with maple icing for my best friend's birthday 2016 (no idea), Banana and custard cake for Valentine's Day 2016 (BBC Good Food), Coffee and walnut cake for Mum's birthday 2016 (no idea).

L-R: Sticky ginger lemon drizzle for my work birthday cake 2016 (BBC Good Food), Pistachio and lime for a Clandestine Cake Club May 2017 (Clandestine Cake Club, recipe online here), Banana and custard cake for Mike's birthday 2017 (so good that Mike requested it again!), Vegan chocolate and raspberry cake for a friend's BBQ August 2017 (recipe online here), Pistachio, cardamom and white chocolate cake for my work leaving cake January 2018 (recipe online here).

Loaf cakes

Clockwise, from top left: Chocolate & coffee for fun (Hummingbird Bakery, Cake Days), Unknown (probably chocolate orange, but loosk like a marble cake?) for a friend's birthday, Apricot drizzle for fun (unknown source), Pistachio loaf for my work birthday cake 2017 (Hummingbird Bakery, Cake Days.


Clockwise, from top left: Strawberry milkshake for Mike's birthday 2016, Liquorice and blackcurrant for Dad's birthday 2016, (both Hummingbird Bakery, Home Sweet Home), Unicorn (vanilla cupcakes) for my sister-in-law's birthday 2017, Jammy Dodger (vanilla cupcakes with jam filling) for Mum's birthday 2017.


Clockwise, from top left: Cinnamon cashew flapjack for Mother's Day 2016 (BBC Good Food), Halloween cupcakes for work bake off 2016, Work bake sale May 2017 (Victoria sponge, Coffee, maple and pecan cake, and Coconut and lime loaf), Cranberry, pumpkin seed and caramel flapjack for Mother's Day 2017 (BBC Good Food).

Phew! That took a while... and now I'm really hungry for cake.