Bloodied brain cake

Not a very seasonally appropriate bake, unless you like your Valentine's Day filled with blood and gore!

I like to make something Halloweeny every year, and this was 2014's effort. To my utter horror when I started to write this a few days ago, I realised that I didn't note down anything at all about what recipe I used for the cake! However, as luck would have it, I was sorting through my recipe binder today and I found some notes I had made for it scribbled on the back of another recipe - hurrah!

It was inspired by Lily Vanilli's brain cupcakes but I wanted to make a giant version! The cake itself was Rachel Allen's hedgehog cake but with the cocoa powder omitted. Before pouring the mixture into the prepared bowl, I spooned out 6 tablespoons and coloured it pink, swirling it back in with the main mixture before baking.

I used the buttercream from the Lily Vanilli recipe, and used the 2A nozzle instaed of the No. 10 due to it being a bigger cake. For the blood, I just used strawberry jam - the Bonne Mamane with lumps in it for extra gore! It was really difficult to pipe the icing on - I wanted it to look vaguely plausible and it was hard without something to follow. In reality though it didn't really matter once you'd slathered the jam on.

The risk with this cake is that people simply won't want to eat it. It looks horrendous, and Mike only managed one slice (usually unheard of) because he said the look of it really put him off. However, I did think it looked pretty awesome sat out on the table for Halloween.

I sadly didn't manage to bake anything for 2015 but I did make these cute burgers from a recipe in the Co-op magazine! Mike didn't have any trouble eating them funnily enough!


  1. This is a very Halloween appropriate 'creepy' looking cake - but it wouldn't put me off eating it all up!

  2. I love that you posted this among the flood of valentines day related posts, hahaha! It looks fantastic and I'm tempted to try it for Halloween this year just to see my nephews' horrified reactions.


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