Pinata cake

Only very occasionally can I make a cake that I can stand back, admire, not pick any faults and on the whole just feel really proud of myself. Mike's sister's birthday cake of 2014 was one of those cakes. I usually try to think of something vaguely novelty for Louise, but the previous year's ginormous Rice Krispie cake was going to take some topping. I'm not sure I quite managed it - or ever will! - but I was certainly pleased with what I created.

I'd seen a few 'surprise inside' cakes doing the rounds and so decided to make a Pinata cake. At first I got carried away by googling images of complicated donkey type Pinatas but quickly decided to keep it simple and just make a normal cake with Pinata inspired decoration... I like to think of it as a 'stealth Pinata' as it just looked like a normal cake from the outside.

The cake itself was just good old vanilla sponge - I used this Pink Whisk recipe for the sponges and instructions for hollowing out the centre. Mike was pleased that he got a mini Victoria sponge out of it too!

The inside was filled with a mix of Smarties, M and Ms and Cadbury Pebbles.

The icing was the biggest challenge with this, I don't think anyone in Cheshire could buy a Wilton 1M for a while since I had cleared all the shelves of them! I needed to have all four colours on the go at once to do the decoration.

Decorating isn't my strong suit so this tested my patience, luckily I had my Wilton Turn Table to use which made it so much easier and I would highly recommend one of these to anyone, they are so handy to use when icing any layer cake. I also needed to use a step ladder once I got halfway up the side as I am rather short, and the height of the cake plus the turntable height meant it was too high for me to reach properly!

Since making this I've made it twice more, once with Smarties and once with Liquorice Allsorts, it's a quick and easy way of jazzing up a victoria sponge.


  1. I love your pinata cake. Great frosting!

  2. This is such a cool cake! I love the decorations, it looks like lots of Iced Gems stuck around the cake.

  3. It's a gorgeous looking cake and the piping looks fantastic. What a great idea to have a hidden centre. Sammie.


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