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Pinata cake

Only very occasionally can I make a cake that I can stand back, admire, not pick any faults and on the whole just feel really proud of myself. Mike's sister's birthday cake of 2014 was one of those cakes. I usually try to think of something vaguely novelty for Louise, but the previous year's ginormous Rice Krispie cake was going to take some topping. I'm not sure I quite managed it - or ever will! - but I was certainly pleased with what I created.

I'd seen a few 'surprise inside' cakes doing the rounds and so decided to make a Pinata cake. At first I got carried away by googling images of complicated donkey type Pinatas but quickly decided to keep it simple and just make a normal cake with Pinata inspired decoration... I like to think of it as a 'stealth Pinata' as it just looked like a normal cake from the outside.

The cake itself was just good old vanilla sponge - I used this Pink Whisk recipe for the sponges and instructions for hollowing out th…