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F1 themed big 3-0 cake

Mike turned 30 back in June, and cake-wise, this was an occasion I was slightly apprehensive about. I had decided back in March that I was going to organise a surprise birthday gathering for him. You'll have to get comfortable for this one and maybe make yourself a brew - it's going to be a long winded post as I really wanted to capture everything that happened for reasons that will later become apparent!

To cut a long story a little bit shorter, I organised a meal at Las Iguanas for Mike and as many of his friends as possible on the Saturday before his birthday. Wheels had been in motion on this plan for some time as I wanted to give myself enough time to plan and make a cake to take along as an additional surprise. As I've mentioned many times on this blog, Mike is often drafted in to help with cake related activity, and jobs such as measuring and making templates, decorating and most importantly, technical advice fall to him. For this I was on my own!

Mike is a complet…