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Isle of Man cupcakes

As I write this post, now 3 months after making these cupcakes (so god knows how long it will be by the time I come to press 'publish'), I'm still not sure I'm 'ready'. Since making them, I have been haunted by the Isle of Man triskelion, so much so that if I never, ever see one of them again in my whole life, it will be too soon! Having never really seen them out and about before, I've since seen it on a narrow boat near my house, an Okell's beer delivery van (TWICE), a bumper sticker... maybe I am actually hallucinating it, it wouldn't surprise me!

So to explain... my Dad is into his amateur dramatics and one of his groups had written their own play, set on the Isle of Man and due to be performed in August. So in April the group held a Manx themed evening to raise awareness of the performance and a bit of money for charity. It was held in an art gallery in Chester and featured poetry readings, traditional Manx music, memorabilia displays and foo…