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Scrumpy and cinnamon cake / Hunky chunky bread (or what happens when I can't sleep)

I'd had too much wine one Saturday night and these days that means I fall asleep almost instantly and have a wonderful deep sleep (or perhaps coma) for about 5 hours and then I'm wide awake. Actually, I think what woke me in this case was maybe more to do with spontaneously remembering I'd forgotten to get kidney beans in Morrison's, since I woke up in something of a panic - but blame that or the wine, either way I couldn't get back to sleep and I boshed out these two recipes before Mike had even woken up!

Through the kidney bean induced panic I somehow remembered I'd got all the ingredients for a scrumpy and cinnamon cake, and that was all I needed to get me out of bed. This cake smelt absolutely amazing as it baked and the house smelt a bit like Christmas - the sweet smell of cider mingled with a hint of spice. Sadly, it wasn't a great recipe - the texture was a bit 'off' and the taste just didn't stand up to the mouth watering smell. In fact,…