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Malteser Fudge

When I said I was going to make fudge, most people reacted in the same way. Pursed lips, a sharp intake of breath, slight shake of the head and the words, 'ooh, it's a tricky thing is fudge.' Well. Yes it is, and it's not often that I find the confidence to say it but here we go.... I. Nailed. It.

To be honest, I think the secret with fudge is a good sugar thermometer. I know you're meant to be able to test the 'soft ball' stage by dropping some mixture into a glass of water or something else that sounds ridiculously fiddly, or by timing it properly and watching the bubbles, but screw that - get a thermometer! I've had one in the cupboard for about 3 years after declaring I was going to start making jam and then never bothering, but I've finally broken it out of the plastic case and now there's no stopping me.

This was a test batch of fudge because I wanted to make some as part of my Mother's Day gift. I took the fudge into work as to be ho…

Hummingbird Layer Cakes

Just thought I may aswell do a little roundup of the Hummingbird layer cakes that have been churned out of my kitchen, production line style, during February and March. I had retired them for a bit as I was all layer caked out, but now writing this I might have to get back on the layer cake horse!

Chocolate Malt Cake 

This was my first gift cake of the new house! It was my best friend's birthday in February so a very important first gift cake indeed.

Cakes for Del have tended to alternate between coffee and peanut butter and so I fancied trying something a bit different this year, so what better place to go than a Hummingbird layer cake? Also I realised I'd never actually tried one of their layer cakes - which was ridiculous as I'd spent so much time greedily thumbing through all of the books, so I was looking forward to trying one.

After much perusing I settled on the Chocolate Malt cake - it looked somehow appealing and all internet research indicated that it was tooth fa…