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Margarita Drizzle Cake

The theme for the February Runcorn and Widnes Clandestine Cake Club was 'Bake your favourite drink' and almost without thinking I booked my place and declared that I was going to make a Margarita cake, since that it is indeed my current favourite drink.

I made a Margarita cake last year which was my own creation, so I rather lazily assumed at first that I'd do the same thing this time, but when I re-read my post I realised that I had said I wanted to make it again but in a more dramatic fashion next time, since that seemed fitting for such a glorious cocktail and I was inclined to agree with myself. A one layer sponge cake simply would not do!

There is a disappointing shortage of tequila fuelled cakes online, but luckily Lily Vanilli was on hand to help me out, as her book Sweet Tooth contains a recipe for a Margarita Drizzle cake. I faffed about for days trying to decide what to do - I was initially a bit put off by it because it just looked like, well... too much cake. …