Sunday, 11 May 2014

Vanilla chai tea latte cake

So on 3rd January this year I officially became a homeowner! We moved in 'properly' on 20th January yet are still surrounded by boxes, but I'm told that will last a long while yet. The most exciting part of this is having a kitchen that is properly my very own - the thought of being able to stick a nail in the wall wherever I wanted was so overwhelmingly exciting (and a little bit scary) that I couldn't bring myself to do it* for almost three months, but now I have a wall mounted spice rack and a nice patisserie sign up, there's no stopping me! (*I didn't do it. Mike did.)

When we moved into our first house, I did a nice little post where I mentioned the first breakfast we had and the first meal I cooked but I'm sad to say I haven't done that here... I know the first meal we ate here was a Chinese takeaway and ONE of the first meals I cooked was a bit pot of chilli but I really can't remember, and I certainly don't have any photographs... thing I definitely didn't forget about though was the first cake I baked!

It was an easy decision to make, because during the move I discovered some pots of chai powder that I'd bought from Whittards ages ago after seeing some awesome recipes on Jo's blog, What do you make of my cake. The vanilla chai tea latte cake fitted the bill for the first cake - apart from it looking like an awesome cake, it didn't require any fancy ingredients or excessive amounts of time to make, and it felt like a good homely cake, perfect for having a with a brew when the family came around to inspect our new place.

In fact, it fitted the bill so perfectly that not only was it the first cake I made here, it was also the second, too! I also got some of the chocolate chai so am very much looking forward to trying that out, too!

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