Stollen wreath cake

Well, there's no getting around it with this one - it's a Christmas bake. It looks like Christmas and it tastes like Christmas. I apologise but I cannot break my posting order!

At Christmas I was determined to make an actual Christmas cake - it's been something I've wanted to do ever since I started baking, but since I hate fruit cake and also I'm not the best at cake decoration, I'd managed to get out of it every year. This year though it was happening! And it sort of did, but as you can see, I still got away without actually having to cover a cake properly with marzipan etc. Ha! In your face, erm, me!

I'd had a few recipes bookmarked but in the end decided on a stollen wreath cake I'd seen in Good Food magazine - and available online here. Although the list of ingredients seemed mega long, it was actually pretty straight-forward to make, although I think I over did it slightly - the cake was still pretty moist, but was very crumbly. All the tasters gave it the thumbs up, but I can't comment myself as there is no way that something containing that much fruit is passing my lips!

I was absolutely gutted to have arsed up the icing - it didn't look too runny in the bowl, but as soon as it got onto the cake it was clear it was nowhere near thick enough and I was quite devastated by this. I also had a small paddy when trying to make the fondant holly - I just could not get them to shape properly despite there being a very helpful tutorial in the magazine. After two I roped Mike in to have a go and I'm fairly sure the only ones that made it onto the cake were his, mine were pretty gruesome looking. As it was Christmas Eve I tried not to ruin Christmas by sulking too much about it!

This year I really must try a 'proper' Christmas cake, I am determined to overcome my fondant icing fears!


  1. Haha, nothing like a bit of stollen on a lovely spring day! ;)

    Seriously though, to looks awesome, and I now have huge marzipan cravings...

  2. I love that you're sticking to your posting order. Spring stollen cake could catch on. I can't deal with posting things out of order either. The world won't implode if I don't post chronologically (or will it...?) but I just can't do it!

  3. What a shame you don't like fruit cake, you have lucky friends and family! Looks beautiful!


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