Candied citrus peel

You'll have to bear with me for the next couple of posts as I catch up on my Christmas baking! To be fair, this candied citrus peel will do at any time of the year... I just happened to make it at Christmas.

In my defence, to me it's more of a 'holidays' recipe than a Christmas one - the past couple of years we've been to Nice and candied fruit is in abundance there. I'm not so much of a fan but Mike loves it, so I decided to make some at Christmas as I thought it would be nice to have in a jar in the lounge for snacking on. For some reason I get it in my head that there must be bowls of things lying around the house at Christmas to be snacked on and and I always have to talk myself out of getting nuts every year - when I was little there would always be, every year without fail, a bowl of nuts (plus a nutcracker) sitting in the lounge all throughout Christmas and I'm fairly sure that every year they were never touched.

One of the many simmering stages
Anyway, I digress - this is a really simple recipe which only involves 3 ingredients (you could get it down to two if you only use one kind of fruit! Or push it up to 4 if you want to add the chocolate...)  and so it's brilliant for a budget homemade gift at any time of year. It's also a great way of using up leftover citrus fruit - I know in our house we are often left with oranges and lemons if I've bought a bag for baking something. But it does involve a bit of time and even though I'm sure everyone does this already, read through the recipe thoroughly first as you'll need to make sure you've enough time for all the simmering, draining and drying out of the peel.

 The recipe is from BBC Good Food and is available online here.

I was so pleased with how the candied peel looked in the end and I though it looked really pretty in the jar. It keeps for 6-8 weeks in an airtight container so it was a great one to make at the beginning of the Christmas period, whack into a Kilner jar and have on hand for sweet treats at Christmas for a break from the chocolate. I have a feeling I will have to make up another batch to combat the holiday blues soon, although it might just make us feel worse to munch on candied peel out of a jar while staring at the rain lashing down on the window rather than sloping about in the beating hot sun in France!


  1. Very pretty photos Kim! I've always wanted to try candied citrus peel, even more so now after seeing Mary Berry mention it on her tv programme this evening (on a side note, did you watch it? I wanted to make/eat everything!!)

    1. Thanks - I can't take any credit for the photos as Mike took them all! No I didn't see the Mary Berry programme, that's a coincidence! You should definitely try it out, so cheap and simple, although I did get a little bored with all the simmering!

  2. By co-incidence I gave my dad yesterday a bought packet of chocolate coated candied orange peel, next time I can make it! Looks so pretty!


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