Fizzy cola jaffa cake cake

 This was a cake for my friend Alex's birthday a couple of months ago. I'd had a tip off that she liked the look of this one and jumped at the chance to make it for her - it's something I probably never would have tried myself otherwise because I would have been scared and suspicious of the jelly layer and also because... *whispers* I don't like jaffa cakes. Sorry, sorry... I just don't. I don't know why - I like jelly, I like cake, and I like chocolate, especially of the orange variety. I think my issue is with the texture of the jelly against the cake/chocolate - it just makes me feel weird!

Anyway, the recipe was from Sunday Brunch and involved making a chocolate cola cake, then topping with a layer of orange jelly and covering with a chocolate ganache.

It was pretty straightforward and handily I had all the pans in the right sizes required, as the base of the frying pan you use to make your jelly layer needs to be the right sort of size to fit your cake. The recipe claimed that I wouldn't need all the jelly but that is LIES - I used all of it and could have done with a bit more! Perhaps my pans were on the large size, or perhaps my expectations were incorrect! It was a horrendous moment turning the jelly layer out onto the cake, I was convinced it was going to tear, but success!

The ganache was my favourite bit, lovely and gloopy, and just the right texture to hang nicely over the sides without running too much.

It was a good cake - jelly layers in cakes are definitely not my favourite thing, but it worked well and I was pleased with the effect!

I think I slightly over did the cake as I did find it quite dry - but the recipe did say to serve with cream and I didn't, so that could have lessened the dryness! The birthday girl hates cream though so it went without, but I think I would definitely do a batch of cream to go alongside it next time. Recipe is online here.


  1. What an unusual sounding cake, I'd love to try a piece. I've never tried a cola cake. Your ganache looks so shiny too!

    I won't hold not liking jaffa cakes against you. I don't like Wagon Wheels despite liking chocolate, marshmallow and jam. Somehow it doesn't work for me combined in a wagon wheel!

    1. Cola cake is pretty good - I made one using a Nigella recipe last year for a cake club where the theme was secret ingredients... you couldn't really taste the cola but it did give it a subtle difference. Ooh I know what you mean on the Wagon Wheels aswell actually - I am the same with those teacake things, I like all the ingredients but not together!

  2. I also don't like Jaffa Cakes and I know what you mean about cake and jelly - I think that's why I don't like trifle (and being a vegetarian I can't have proper jelly) but I would gladly help to devour that ganache layer! And the cake looks fantastic - those layers look very neat indeed.

    1. Thank you! Yeah cake and jelly is definitely a weird texture combo, I'm with you on the trifle thing aswell!


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