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Gateaux du Kim: the inspiration!

Have you even been somewhere and felt totally inspired by the food? When they say that on Masterchef I've always rolled my eyes but now I've had that feeling myself I know exactly what they mean! Admittedly, they get inspired and create some amazing, original dishes, while I get inspired and look for other people's recipes to follow, but whatever.

Nice, France is one of my favourite places in the world. Mike and I have been there for our holidays the last two years and have totally fallen in love with it - to me it has everything you could want from a holiday - stunning coastline, bustling old town, gorgeous weather and lots of other amazing places to visit just a short bus or train ride away. What really caught my eye though was the bakeries and patisseries and all the beautiful pastries and breads they have on display. Trust me, these were no Greggs. What amazed me so much, beyond the taste, was how intricate, dainty and delicate a lot of them were. There was not a sl…

Kim vs Novelty Cakes Round 2: Chocolate Hedgehog Cake

The Runcorn and Widnes Clandestine Cake Club celebrated its first birthday in August and the theme was a birthday party picnic! My thoughts immediately turned to my birthday parties from when I was little. My Mum had this book when I was little with loads of ideas for food and cakes for kids birthday parties and I always used to look at the hedgehog cake in there and think it was amazing. I never asked for it - not really sure why - but I always wanted it and unsurprisingly never got it! Hopefully a picture of the page itself will follow, we are trying to dig out the book!

My Rachel Allen Cake book had been sitting on the shelf gathering dust for ages and I knew it contained a chocolate hedgehog cake, so I decided that HAD to be the one to make. I was apprehensive, as the Great Sausage Dog Cake Saga of 2011 took its toll on me, Mike, and our relationship in general and so I had pretty much sworn off novelty cakes. However, one of the things that's ace about Clandestine Cake Clubs…