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Mississippi mud pie

I cannot believe how quickly this year is going, it doesn't seem like very long ago that I was posting my Christmas bakes (although to be fair, with my turnaround time it probably wasn't!) and now we're on to Mike's birthday which means we're halfway through the year!

Mike's birthday is always another good one on the cake calendar but this year I decided to not bake him a cake and instead, to bake him his favourite ever dessert... Mississippi mud pie! I only found out recently that it was his favourite because Tesco have started stocking it again and he almost collapsed with excitement when he found this out. It's not something you often see on dessert menus or in shops so I hadn't realised he was such an avid fan.

I set about scouring for recipes and wasn't even sure what it was meant to be or look like to be honest. There seems to be a lot of variation in recipes, with some being topped with cream, some having an actual pie crust and some even co…