Pistachio & Lime cake

 I don't really have much to say about this bake. It wasn't for any occasion, other than the fact that I had a baking itch that I really needed to scratch. I had a free day over the first May bank holiday weekend, so decided to make a cake FOR ABSOLUTELY NO REASON AT ALL. And my god did it feel GOOD!

This year has been mad busy so far and most of the things I've made have been for an event or an occasion. I love baking for any reason, but there's always an extra element of stress and panic when you know it's for something or someone special, and so I don't think I've had many opportunities this year to bake for pure pleasure.

In a brilliantly psychic moment, my Mum got me the Clandestine Cake Club book for my birthday - I'd entirely forgotten to drop any hints about it so was so pleased when I opened up that present! I just had to make the Pistachio and Lime cake that graced the front cover since pistachios had been on my mind ever since I got hooked on pistachio ice cream when on holiday in France last year.

This was a good cake. I omitted the lime curd because I don't like curd, so I don't know if that made a massive difference but the cake was light and moist and zingy enough for me without it! I particularly liked the pistachio studded shards. What a simple but stunning idea, and something I want to try with all kinds of different toppings as I think it makes for a great decoration. The recipe is online here.

I'd really recommend making this for an actual occasion, though. It was a LOT of cake to make for no reason...


  1. This looks absolutely gorgeous, almost tempted to make one and I can't remember the last time I baked anything!! x

  2. What a beauty! I must admit I've been tempted by that recipe too as I haven't ever baked with pistachios. The shards make a really attractive topping.

    You can never have too much cake either. Except maybe at my 21st, man that was a lot of cake.

  3. Haha what fabulous writing - "baking itch that I really needed to scratch" :) Looks fab :0 x

  4. I couldn't resist either! -


    Yours is gorgeous!
    Leah x

  5. I have never really taken to pistachios, but this looks wonderful. I would try this, its brilliant xx

  6. Well, it's a lot of cake but that sounds like a good thing to me. It looks wonderful, although I'd add curd because I love the stuff. Absolutely agree about pistachio ice cream - there's nothing better on a warm evening such as this. (My favourite pistachio ice cream currently is Italian rather than French but I'm always willing to try just one more ice cream).

  7. This looks like it turned out excellently, never really tried a cake like this, but that may soon change!


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