Hen Do baking

It seems that I've hit that period in my life where everyone is getting married, and I've gone from never having been on a hen do before, to going on several in quick succession! Obviously I had to bring along something baked, and I can now blog about them at last because I didn't want the second hen to see any pictures!

For the first hen do it was planned we would have some fizz in the hotel room and get the bride-to-be all kitted out in her cheesy hen do attire before going out for the evening, and so I decided to make some cupcakes to fit in with the theme. As the dress code for the night was black and pink the cupcakes had to match! I made chocolate cupcakes with strawberry buttercream which I thought would match the fizz nicely.

I ordered some cheeky cookie cutters and sprinkles online and was intending to make sugarpaste willies to top the cakes, but as the cutters were so big (!) I decided to just have one of those for the bride and the rest with just the sprinkles. I also made some toppers for the cakes with the help of Mike - I was really pleased with how they looked! As the bride's nickname is Vinnie (this was news to me but it seemed that all her family call her Vinnie due to her childhood obsession with Vinnie Jones...!) we put Vinnie on the other side of the toppers.

The hen enjoying her cupcake!
For the second hen do I was intending to vary the cupcakes but the chief bridesmaid thought the ones I'd done for the first hen would be spot on so they got another outing! We made toppers again, and this time we put contrasting nice/crazy pictures of the bride-to-be on either side. I decided against the buttercream swirls this time as it was easier to get the sprinkles on. I'm not sure which effect I preferred, the swirls looked prettier but the smooth ones were less stress to transport and it was nice to have a little puddle of willies on the top!

I was mildly stressed as the second batch of cupcakes were going to be the first thing I baked in the new kitchen we have had put in (so pleased with it - I finally have a cupboard that fits ALL of my baking ingredients and equipment - no more carrier bags on the floor woohoo - at least not in the kitchen at least...) so I thought a test bake was in order.

I decided to make some willie cookies as I thought I could bring them along too if they were successful. I used this Pink Whisk recipe for the cookies and this Pink Whisk glaze icing and flooding technique for the decoration, adding strawberry flavouring to the icing to match the cupcakes.

They were delicious, it was the first time I'd used vanilla bean paste and I liked the effect it produced on the cookies. I think Mike felt a bit uncomfortable taste testing them, but the spares I left in the tin mysteriously disappeared and so clearly he got over the embarrassment! They went down a storm, so I'm already planning to use the recipe again but perhaps with a different shape next time...

I really enjoyed baking for the hen do's, the things I'd made seemed to go down really well with all the hens and it was nice to be able to add the customised toppers for a personal touch. Hoping for some more hen do invites in the future so I can use my cutters again, as I'm not sure they are appropriate for general use!


  1. Haha bet Mike loved it really!! And your new kitchen, forgot about that - horrah!! I would refuse to eat anything with willies on it.. ;)

  2. Love this! So fun. Those sprinkles are fab and the personalised toppers were such a nice touch. I'm at a hen party in July and was thinking of making a few things for our bus journey. I was a bit worried about how... erm... detailed(!) I would have to make penis cookies but I appreciate how you've just left the icing plain.

    Your comments about re-using your cutters reminded me of this site that always makes me laugh: http://penispans.com/index.html ! :)

    Vicky xx

    1. Haha, that link is brilliant!!! Hope your hen baking goes well too, it was so much fun! Know what you mean about the detail, I was considering it but I couldn't bring myself to do it!

  3. "little puddle of willies" has to be the best thing I've read all day. I laughed so much! I love the willy cutter too, perfect for hen do baking. Out of curiosity, where did you buy the sprinkles and cutter? My friend's sister is getting married next year and she said that my friend (the bridesmaid) and I could plan the hen night...

  4. Also just checked out the link Victoria left. HAHAHAHA!


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