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Neapolitan Rose cake

It was my Mum's *whispers* 60th birthday last month, and so a special cake was required. I was originally intending to bake a topsy turvy cake using the tins I got for Christmas (has anyone else used these? Any good?) but decided that it would just be way too much cake than it would be possible to eat, since we already had plans for afternoon tea on the day aswell.

I have seen quite a few rose swirl cakes on other blogs and think it makes for such a stunning effect, and had had a Neapolitan one by Baking Addict bookmarked for a while, as I loved the effect of all the layers of colours, too. I decided that would be the perfect cake for my Mum - roses being a bit of a tradition (the chocolates aswell as the flowers!), plus neapolitan ice cream just reminds me of my childhood and so I thought that would be quite fitting.

The recipe was cobbled together from a couple of sources - a mix of the basic sponge cake recipe I always use, with bits borrowed from Ros' recipe - and I used …

Easter Baking 2013

Again, horrendously late with posting about anything seasonal but for some reason I just cannot bring myself to post things out of the order in which they are baked! I was so late with this that I ended up writing the entire post, looked again at the photos and realised I'd forgotten an entire batch of cupcakes!

Easter weekend usually ends up being fairly busy and for the bits where we are at home I favour lying on the couch eating chocolate over slaving away over anything complicated in the kitchen! But this year I did want to force myself to try something new, so while I still knocked out the traditional favourites of Easter nests, chicks and mini eggs, I did try a new recipe too.

The new recipe was these Creme Egg cupcakes. My friend had sent me a link to the recipe and I knew I had to try them! I loved the idea of recreating the creme egg filling and was happy to discover another fab food blog at the same time! I just used the frosting recipe to go on top of my chocolate cup…