Peanut butter and toblerone cheesecake

Another post that isn't a cake! We were having some friends over a few weeks ago and I wanted to make a nice dessert. Proper desserts aren't something I've made very many of, I'm definitely more of a cake girl, and plus, I'd always rather have a boozy coffee or a cheeseboard than a dessert (or seconds from the main course...!).

Anyway, I had had a Peanut butter and Toblerone cheesecake on my 'to bake' list for a while, and as it was a 'no bake' recipe I thought it would be a fairly quick and easy dessert. And the only springform tin I had was the exact right size. AND it had an Oreo base and it's been a while since I indulged that little obsession of mine.. so you can see, I was struggling to think of a reason why I shouldn't make it. (Although one did present itself when I weighed out the ingredients and realised the sheer volume of cream cheese involved, but I was too far down the line then!)

It was super easy to make - the most difficult bit was chopping the Toblerone! And for extra fun/stress relief, bash up the Oreos yourself rather than whizzing them in a food processor! The recipe says chill for minimum 3 hours or ideally overnight - I can definitely vouch for the overnight chilling, it was still quite soft after a good 8 hours of chilling so next time, I'll make it even more in advance. I possibly should have waited until serving before adding the peanut M&M's because the colours ran quite a bit.

This is very good cheesecake - rich, creamy and a little bit different. It is also massive so make sure you've got a lot of people you can give it to, otherwise reduce the recipe (or risk a few inches on your waistline, because trust me you won't be able to not eat it...)


  1. It makes me sad that I don't like peanut butter, but then again this is a cheesecake and also involves oreos and toblerone so I could definitely look past it.

  2. YUM YUM YUM! Oreo chopped up Toblerone? that's like my 2 favourite things in the world right there, and then throw in some peanut butter m&m's too! Amazing! This dessert sounds positively awesome! I really miss Toblerone here...they have it but it doesn't taste as good as our one!

  3. Yum!! love the sounds of this recipe, I'm a big toblerone fan. Too much cheesecake is never a bad thing :)

  4. What's not to like here!! Toblerone, M&M's and Oreo's all in one cheesecake...wowsers! I bet this would be gone in a flash if you took it to a party! :-)


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