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Strawberry Heart Pavolvas

So we'll gloss over the fact that I'm posting my Valentine's bake in March. Anyway, even though this is a heart shaped bake, it doesn't have to be, you could make it any time of year!

I'm always dismayed by the Valentine's Day apathy I see every year, and I don't like being made to feel sad or a sucker for wanting to celebrate it. While I do hate how everything has become crazily commercial these days, it shouldn't mean you have to shun it completely! We all know that you should make sure your loved ones know that you appreciate them every day of the year, but I don't see anything wrong with having a day where you can celebrate it, spend some quality time together, and write some nice words in a card to make extra sure they know.

Anyway, it was bloody weeks ago so there's really no point in me getting on my high horse now! Our Valentine's Days have been varied so far, we have been for a day out, we've been for a meal out, we've had …

Coffee Caramel cake

It's posts like this that make me realise how long I've been blogging now - I know that almost 3 years isn't that long compared to others out there, but I'm amazed I've stuck at it this long and really pleased that I've found a hands-on hobby that's actually stayed with me (making jewellery out of plastic beads probably held the previous record, which was about a month in 2001...).

So this is the third 'best friend's birthday cake' post I've written! This is another of the the more important cakes on the calendar and requires careful choosing of the recipe! So in January I'd already forced her into choosing a flavour and that flavour was coffee. I've almost exhausted the world's coffee supply with all the coffee cake I've made recently but I knew I wanted to try a new recipe rather than make a fourth coffee, maple and pecan cake (although I did consider it!).

I scoured all my books, bookmarks, to bake lists, and scraps of p…