Coffee, maple and pecan cake

This cake is so good that I've made it three times in the space of 10 days!

I discovered it at at work a few weeks ago - a colleague had baked it for someone's leaving do and when she told me what it was I thought, 'oh, sounds alright'  but when she took the lid off the box and I was punched in the face by the most delicious smell of coffee mixed with a hint of sweetness, I knew that I was in for a treat!

And oh how I was! It was such a light cake, with a big coffee kick that was balanced perfectly by maple syrup and coffee frosting. You know it's a good one when the whole room goes quiet as everybody tucks in, apart from the occasional 'ooh' and 'mmm'. I knew I had to get the recipe and somewhat surprisingly, it was from the ocado website.

Yep.. definitely not enough frosting in there!
 I knew exactly when to make it, too - the theme for the Runcorn and Widnes Clandestine Cake Club last month was Love at First Bite and I decided that this cake fitted the bill perfectly. I had a practice go at it and realised that my colleague had doubled (possibly tripled) the original recipe as hers was humungous, but following the recipe I got a nice modest sandwich and decided to just double the frosting amount next time, as it was a bit scant the first time. The best bit about making this was greedily smearing frosting onto the spare bits of cake after I'd levelled it off... hmm on second thoughts maybe that's why the frosting was a bit scant! The first cake was dispatched to my Mum's workplace and reports back were good.

So, the second outing was to the Runcorn and Widnes CCC. Definitely better with double the frosting! It was so nice to overhear positive comments about my cake at the meeting and someone asked me for the recipe which always puts a smile on my face! You can read the write up for the event here.

Finally, it got a third run out last weekend. Mike's Mum retired recently and we were going to their house for the traditional 'celebratory buffet' and so I decided she needed a cake. And I knew this was a good one so out it trotted again, this time with some quite poorly iced writing on! I don't know what it is with writing icing, it gives me the shakes and robs me of any confidence in my ability to spell! I had to trace the letters with a skewer first (yep so there's really no excuse for it!) and even then suddenly the words didn't look quite right... they were though, so all was well.

So after three successful goes with this cake I can most definitely recommend it, lovely, easy, and quick cake to throw together. You can find the recipe here. I think I will retire it for a while though now, I've also got another coffee cake to post about so that's probably enough for a few months at least! The recipe is online here - I would definitely double the frosting though, you need enough for a good slathering plus extra to gobble down with the left over cake top!


  1. Looks delicious! I love coffee cake (with pecans or walnuts!) I would have never have thought to add maple syrup to the frosting. Thanks for sharing :)

    Vicky xx

  2. Wow 3 times in the space of 10 days, that's got to be a record! It looks very tasty indeed! A bit of a classic with a nice twist of the maple syrup! Hope the ccc was fun, I'm thinking of starting up my own here in Vancouver!

  3. A lovely looking cake, even if I don't like coffee (sorry!) but this sounds like my mum's ideal cake!

  4. I love coffee cake and maple and pecan so I definitely have to give this a go. It must be really good if you keep making it! Another one to bookmark :)

  5. Everything about this cake appeals, the combination of flavours just sounds heavenly to me!


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