Caramel & Pretzel M&Ms cupcakes

I seem to have developed an obsession with American M&Ms. I'm not sure why, since I've never been that much of an M&Ms fiend, but import them from America, put some funky flavours in whack up the price tag and I'm sold!

After munching my way through some Pretzel M&Ms I decided they must be incorporated into something baked, and the thought of them mixed in to caramel cupcakes sounded just right.

Gorilla in the whisk....
I used the Hummingbird Bakery's recipe for Caramel cupcakes and folded in some bashed up M&Ms to the mixture. With hindsight, this wasn't the best recipe to use since I've found that Hummingbird recipes tend to be very runny and so unsurprisingly, the M&Ms mostly sank to the bottom (and then got stuck to the bottom of the cupcake case..).

That aside, the flavour combination definitely worked and so I just need to come up with a firmer cupcake batter to support the little chunks of pretzelly M&M goodness! I've been baking with a lot of caramelly flavours recently which is unlike me - I don't really like too much caramel normally because it's too sweet, but find the right flavour to pair it with and I'm in!

The recipe I used is from Cake Days and has been reproduced on many a blog post, so I won't bother - if you want to use it and don't have the book, one of the places you can get the recipe is here. I used 3 bags of pretzel M&Ms and just reserved 12 to use on the top and bashed the rest up. I was annoyed at myself for eating the 4th bag I bought because I think the cakes could have done with a few more in them!


  1. I agree American M&Ms are so much nicer! The cupcakes sound delicious!

  2. Amazing! Haha I'm with you on loving all the different varieties! Trips to the grocery store here are so exciting for that very reason! I was never big into pretzels before moving to Canada but now I'm obsessed..I've started dipping them in Nutella too recently, so good! These cupcakes look and sound amazing, what a great flavour pairing! and I'm loving your cute whisk too!!


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