2012: the rest

I was happy to see a few others do blog posts recently with some 'leftover' bakes that they'd forgotten to blog and I thought it would be a good idea to do one myself. I have a few bakes that I can't really justify individual posts for - for various reasons, including not having too much to say about them, not having very many pictures, and to be honest, baking them so long ago that I can't remember much about them at all!

So here are three bakes that didn't quite get a blog post to themselves, through no fault of their own!

Banoffee whoopie pies...

These came about due to a whoopie pie obsession that never quite got off the ground. After the success of the mint ones they were all I could think about for about a week and I made these due to some bananas left skulking in the fruit bowl. Considering I don't really like bananas, I really liked these and writing about them now has made me want to rekindle my brief love affair with whoopie pies. The recipe for these was from the Hummingbird Bakery Cake Days book and I know there were some other yummy looking whoopie pie recipes in there. I really am surprised I don't see more whoopie pies in the blogosphere, if you've never tried one, you're missing out!

Chocolate orange drizzle loaf...

This was on my 'to bake' list after seeing it on Jo's blog, and one weekend I just fancied baking something that was quite low on the faff-o-meter. I made the loaf version and it was absolutely gorgeous! Lovely and light and fluffy and chocolate orange is one of my favourite flavour combinations. This misses out on a post of its own because I made it while Mike was watching the final F1 race of the season with some other petrol heads, so I had no photographer! By the time they had gone, there was only two slices left so this was the only picture we got! Definitely one to make again.

Reese's brownie cupcakes...

I've gone from hating peanut butter to actually really liking it - I don't think I'll ever be spreading it on my toast (that is exclusively Marmite territory) but I love it in sweet things - I had a peanut butter kit kat chunky at the weekend mmm! This recipe is from Cupcake Crazy Gem and I'd had it bookmarked for a while. Not really sure what prompted me to make it all of a sudden though! I was disappointed as I slightly overdid them, so I really want to try these again. Peanut butter in the batter, peanut butter in the frosting, Reese's cups lurking at the bottom and Reese's pieces sprinkled over the top - so much peanut buttery goodness!

Phew! So finally I can make a start posting about 2013's bakes - which has just given me a jolt of panic as I've realised I've only made one thing so far... I guess that's the advantage of being behind with blogging, there's a nice sense of security in having loads of draft posts lined up! Need to get my game face on now!


  1. I have had EXACTLY the same relationship with peanut butter as you, even down to marmite being my toast spread of choice! Those cupcakes look like a peanut butter lover's dream...

  2. OHMYGOSHTHECUPCAKESLOOKAMAZING! I love Reese's cups, but we can't get the little ones here :( I love peanut butter. Hazel x

  3. I'm snap on the peanut butter front too! Give it to me in any sweet form and I'm all over it but I will not touch it straight up by itself! Glad you tried out the cupcakes! sorry to hear you overbaked them...that's the worst with brownies, that one minute too long and then it's just cake, I hate it when that happens! your banoffee whoopie pies sound so tasty too!

  4. Whoopie pies! Totally go nuts over them. Got my eye on your next posts.

  5. This is a really good idea...I've got a few forgotten bakes! I particularly like the look of your Reese's brownie cupcakes! :-)


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