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Peaches and cream upside down cake

One thing I can't stand is throwing perfectly good food out, and I often have random eggs left over if I've bought a box to make a cake with. Since I detest eggs and will only interact with them in baking-related form (or pancakes on pancake day and even that is only under duress), they often find themselves dumped unceremoniously in the bin. As a result I will often look for random things to bake with a specified amount of eggs to use them up - which can be counter productive since I then inevitably have to go and buy more things...

Anyway, we were having my Mum round for a Sunday roast and I decided to try and find something desserty to make which could use up the 2 eggs I had hanging around in the fridge. I scoured my 'to bake' list and came across this Peaches and Cream Upside Down Cake from Laura Loves Cakes and decided this would be perfect as a dessert if I just made a single layer and served it with some whipped cream, and handily this would fulfil my egg obje…

Fizzy cola jaffa cake cake

This was a cake for my friend Alex's birthday a couple of months ago. I'd had a tip off that she liked the look of this one and jumped at the chance to make it for her - it's something I probably never would have tried myself otherwise because I would have been scared and suspicious of the jelly layer and also because... *whispers* I don't like jaffa cakes. Sorry, sorry... I just don't. I don't know why - I like jelly, I like cake, and I like chocolate, especially of the orange variety. I think my issue is with the texture of the jelly against the cake/chocolate - it just makes me feel weird!

Anyway, the recipe was from Sunday Brunch and involved making a chocolate cola cake, then topping with a layer of orange jelly and covering with a chocolate ganache.

It was pretty straightforward and handily I had all the pans in the right sizes required, as the base of the frying pan you use to make your jelly layer needs to be the right sort of size to fit your cake. T…

Baileys and chocolate cheesecake

Just a really quick post about this all kinds of amazing Baileys and Chocolate Cheesecake I made back in September. I've been wanting to expand my dessert repertoire and I think a no-bake cheesecake is one of the best desserts in existence - not only is it super easy to make, I don't think I've ever met anyone who doesn't like cheesecake so you really can't go wrong.

This one from the Caked Crusader had been burning a hold in my To Bake list for a few months and I decided to give it a whirl when we had some friends around in September (yep, that's how behind I am here!).

Due to my greed good hostess skills I didn't get any picures of the fully formed cheesecake, but I'm sure you get the drift here. My tin was definitely slightly too small, since the biscuit base to cheesecake ratio is a little off - not sure they are supposed to be quite 50/50 but to be honest I think the base is the best bit. I always eat the top bit and save the base for last!

This wa…

Rhubarb and Almond Loaf

I made this cake last month and looking at it now, I really want to eat it again because nothing says autumn to me like a golden loaf cake with a smattering of almonds and hint of spice.

It was a last minute bake for Mike's Dad's birthday, which was the day after we got back from our France holiday. I'd almost written off being able to make him something this year, but when we got back my Dad had left us some goodies from his garden and allotment and amongst them was a bunch of rhubarb. I'd barely unpacked my suitcase before I was thinking about what rhubarb-based cake I could make!

As I was pushed for time I settled on a rhubarb and almond loaf cake from the Hummingbird Bakery Cake Days book. It was a good cake, but I was slightly disappointed with the rhubarb content and kicking myself for not listening to my instincts! You stew 4-5 stalks of rhubarb, but then when incorporating it into the cake batter the recipe just calls for 100g of it. I had WAY more than 100g of…

Gateaux du Kim: the inspiration!

Have you even been somewhere and felt totally inspired by the food? When they say that on Masterchef I've always rolled my eyes but now I've had that feeling myself I know exactly what they mean! Admittedly, they get inspired and create some amazing, original dishes, while I get inspired and look for other people's recipes to follow, but whatever.

Nice, France is one of my favourite places in the world. Mike and I have been there for our holidays the last two years and have totally fallen in love with it - to me it has everything you could want from a holiday - stunning coastline, bustling old town, gorgeous weather and lots of other amazing places to visit just a short bus or train ride away. What really caught my eye though was the bakeries and patisseries and all the beautiful pastries and breads they have on display. Trust me, these were no Greggs. What amazed me so much, beyond the taste, was how intricate, dainty and delicate a lot of them were. There was not a sl…

Kim vs Novelty Cakes Round 2: Chocolate Hedgehog Cake

The Runcorn and Widnes Clandestine Cake Club celebrated its first birthday in August and the theme was a birthday party picnic! My thoughts immediately turned to my birthday parties from when I was little. My Mum had this book when I was little with loads of ideas for food and cakes for kids birthday parties and I always used to look at the hedgehog cake in there and think it was amazing. I never asked for it - not really sure why - but I always wanted it and unsurprisingly never got it! Hopefully a picture of the page itself will follow, we are trying to dig out the book!

My Rachel Allen Cake book had been sitting on the shelf gathering dust for ages and I knew it contained a chocolate hedgehog cake, so I decided that HAD to be the one to make. I was apprehensive, as the Great Sausage Dog Cake Saga of 2011 took its toll on me, Mike, and our relationship in general and so I had pretty much sworn off novelty cakes. However, one of the things that's ace about Clandestine Cake Clubs…

Lemon and Poppyseed Bundt

Like the Pistachio and Lime cake a few months ago, this is a cake where there's not much to say. I made it for Mike's Mum's birthday last month. It just seemed to fit the bill for a summer birthday - light, moist and fluffy with a bit of zing and a splash of bright white icing. It is a Dolly Bakes recipe that I first made last year when I used oranges aswell. This year I stuck to the original - straight up Lemon Drizzle. 

I was mildly horrified when I took it out of the tin as I thought it looked burnt but I assure you there was not a hard crust in sight, the whole cake was wonderfully soft and bouncy!

 For anyone that hasn't made a bundt before, I implore you to try - this is a great one to start with but Dolly Bakes has a whole host of beautiful bundts to tempt you. I was convinced mine would sink, stick and/or burn but I trusted the recipe and was so pleased with the results. I think bundts are great 'occasion' cakes as they don't have to be faffy a…

30th birthday party baking

This year so far has been full of hen do's, weddings and big birthdays and another one of these was my cousin's 30th birthday in July. Initially I was disappointed as her party was to be on the same day as one of my friend's weddings, so I thought I wasn't going to be able to bake anything for her. But then she announced she was having a 'dessert table' and I realised I could probably squeeze in a batch of cupcakes or two, so I was in! Unfortunately I only managed a few quick snaps of these cupcakes, due to reasons that will become apparent as you read on!

Her only request for the cupcakes was raspberries and milk chocolate, but other than that I was free to decide. For that flavour request, I immediately remembered these Chocolate ganache raspberry filled chocolate cupcakes from Cupcake Crazy Gem's blog and thought I'd make them, but as the day grew closer and I realised how much I had to go, I ended up just making my standard chocolate cupcakes and ju…

Reese's Revenge - chocolate and peanut butter cake revisited

Back in July the theme for the Runcorn and Widnes Clandestine Cake Club was Independence Day Delights - I absolutely love Americana bakes so this was perfect for me, and the venue was brilliant - an American diner in Runcorn! Who knew such a thing existed?! Certainly not me, and I couldn't believe my eyes when I walked in to Rockwell's. Hidden away above a pub (I think?) it's packed full of in your face all American style with a pool table, pinball machines, statues, a car coming out of the wall and a couple of booth tables being made out of old Waltzers. Amazing!

I decided to revisit a cake that is something of a 'classic' in my baking history - the chocolate and peanut butter cake. I've busted it out a fair few times now - first created for my best friend's 30th birthday, it also appeared at Nic's Notebook's30th, a food festival cake-off, and as a random commission for someone at my best friend's work. It had been a while though so I thought …

Rhubarb crumble muffins

So I know we've just come out of a heatwave and 'something hot with custard' is probably the very last thing on anyone's minds, but in the (slightly amended) words of Queen - the blog must go on!

For Father's Day I cooked Sunday lunch for my Dad and no Sunday lunch would be complete without dessert. The only vague request I had from Dad was 'strawberries' so I started to hunt out a good strawberry showcasing dessert. I know that it was June and my mind should have been going to cheesecakes and tarts but I do love a crumble (who doesn't?) and I came across a recipe for Strawberry and Rhubarb crumble on the BBC Good Food website that I couldn't resist.

I only managed to snap a quick shot of the crumble on my phone, here it is in all it's glory. I have to say, the pine nuts were delicious sprinkled on top, they really added some extra flavour to the crumble. I'd never heard of strawberries in crumble before but it definitely worked and gave a l…

Mississippi mud pie

I cannot believe how quickly this year is going, it doesn't seem like very long ago that I was posting my Christmas bakes (although to be fair, with my turnaround time it probably wasn't!) and now we're on to Mike's birthday which means we're halfway through the year!

Mike's birthday is always another good one on the cake calendar but this year I decided to not bake him a cake and instead, to bake him his favourite ever dessert... Mississippi mud pie! I only found out recently that it was his favourite because Tesco have started stocking it again and he almost collapsed with excitement when he found this out. It's not something you often see on dessert menus or in shops so I hadn't realised he was such an avid fan.

I set about scouring for recipes and wasn't even sure what it was meant to be or look like to be honest. There seems to be a lot of variation in recipes, with some being topped with cream, some having an actual pie crust and some even co…