Marble cake

After the resounding success of the mocha marble cake I decided to make another marble cake for Mike's Mum's birthday in August (yep, still a tad behind here!).

I really don't know why I haven't made this before because not only is it so simple, it is also one of my favourite types of cake. The only moment of stress with this cake was when I was deciding what to top it with. In the recipe, it was just a plain cake but I knew I wanted to ice it to jazz it up a little. I remembered eating marble cake with royal icing on when I was little, but I was torn between that and chocolate frosting.

A plea on Twitter added the potential of white chocolate into the mix (argh!!!) but as you can see, in the end I went with chocolate icing - fudgy chocolate icing, to be precise! I used the icing from this Mary Berry recipe which I'd seen Jo raving about on her blog a few weeks before. It was a definite winner. This was the scene in the kitchen moments after I let Mike loose on the leftovers...

Sadly, I didn't actually get to eat any of this cake. We had gone out for a meal, and knowing how Mike's family like their desserts, I didn't want to let on that there was cake back at ours as I didn't want them to feel like they had to forego dessert to keep room for cake! We were given a couple of slices to have the next day, but they mysteriously disappeared while I was at work....

Here's the recipe for a super simple, easy to whip up marble cake (from one of the mini Good Food recipe books)

225g butter
225g caster sugar
4 eggs
225g self raising flour
3 tbsp milk
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 tbsp cocoa powder

1. Preheat oven to 180c and grease/line a 20cm deep round cake tin.
2. Beat together the butter and sugar, then add the eggs one at a time, mixing well after each addition.
3. Fold in flour, milk and vanilla extract until smooth.
4. Separate half the mixture into another bowl, and stir the cocoa powder in to it.
5. Spoon the mixtures into the prepared tin, putting in alternate dollops of the vanilla and chocolate mixtures. Tap the tin on the surface to get rid of any bubbles, then swirl a skewer round the mixture briefly for the marble effect.
6. Bake for 45-55 minutes until a skewer comes out clean. Turn out and cool completely on a wire rack.
7. Serve as it is or add the frosting of your choice (I used the fudgy chocolate topping from this recipe)


  1. Kim this looks absolutely divine - I'm not surprised it went before you could eat any. I love the look of the icing dripping down the sides!

  2. Love the photo of the 'kitchen clean up' ;0)
    Can you believe that I have never in my life made a marble cake?? I know, this must be rectified really. I am glad to see you want for the chocolate icing too ;0)

  3. This looks really tasty...especially with that fudgy topping! I'm struggling to think of a time when I've made a marble cake too...I might have to rectify that! How did your marblind turn out? :-)

  4. Haha, glad to see Mike enjoyed the icing as much as I did! I love how it's dripping down into little fudgy puddles on your cake. I think I need to find an excuse to make that icing again.

  5. Yum! Love that dripping icing down the sides of the cake!


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