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Banoffee Cake

FINALLY, I have actually made something on my To Bake list! I started the list to catalogue all the lovely things I see online that I want to try, but the list has just ended up getting longer and longer and actually multiplying because I also have a list in my notebook for things I've seen in magazines. Argh!

Anyway, for Mike's Dad's birthday in September I had a feeling that the Banoffee Cake I had seen on the Goddess' Kitchen might be just the ticket. I'm not really sure why, because he really will eat anything cake-wise, but I think he has a sneaky preference for fruit type cakes and this one just felt right! I believe the recipe is from Make, Bake, Love by Lilly Higgins which looks like a beautiful book and one that's gone straight onto the Christmas list.

This was such a great recipe - so quick and easy and no faffy ingredients, so a great one to make use of the sad looking bananas left in the fruit bowl! The cake was lovely and moist and banana-y and the…

Rocky road cupcakes

I've made three forms of Rocky Road in the past couple of months, and thought that I should post about them today, what with it being Bonfire Night and all that. Rocky Road just feels bonfire-y to me - I'm not sure if it is a Bonfire Night thing or not, but anyway, here we are.

The first was for my best friend's partners birthday back in September, who is a big fan of Rocky Road. I decided to make a cupcake version and after a bit of research went with this recipe from Baking Mad. Unfortunately, it was a disaster! I don't know if I was just a bit out of 'the zone' as I hadn't baking in over a month and had just come back from holiday, but the first batch just wouldn't seem to cook and by the time I was satisfied they were cooked, they were actually completely burnt. ARGH! So I reverted to my bog standard usual chocolate cupcake recipe and used the topping from the recipe and they worked a treat!

Sadly that's where the pictures dry up since I didn…

Marble cake

After the resounding success of the mocha marble cake I decided to make another marble cake for Mike's Mum's birthday in August (yep, still a tad behind here!).

I really don't know why I haven't made this before because not only is it so simple, it is also one of my favourite types of cake. The only moment of stress with this cake was when I was deciding what to top it with. In the recipe, it was just a plain cake but I knew I wanted to ice it to jazz it up a little. I remembered eating marble cake with royal icing on when I was little, but I was torn between that and chocolate frosting.

A plea on Twitter added the potential of white chocolate into the mix (argh!!!) but as you can see, in the end I went with chocolate icing - fudgy chocolate icing, to be precise! I used the icing from this Mary Berry recipe which I'd seen Jo raving about on her blog a few weeks before. It was a definite winner. This was the scene in the kitchen moments after I let Mike loose on the…