Cakes Not From Kim: Betty's Tearooms

Another part of my 30th birthday celebrations (yes, I really did string it out!) was a trip to Harrogate in May with my best friend, who turned 30 back in February. We stayed in a gorgeous apartment with our own patio and were really lucky to have roasting hot weather while we were away... almost a bit too hot!

Anyway, no trip to Harrogate would be complete without a visit to Betty's and so we went along to check it out. We'd been past earlier on in the day and noticed that people were queueing down the street to get in, so went back about 5pm when it was a lot quieter.

It was a lot different to what I was expecting - a lot posher! It was very airy and light inside, and somehow felt like we'd gone back in time. I loved that you had to 'ask to see the cake trolley' and a waitress dutifully wheeled it over and gave us a rundown of what was on offer. I was a bit disappointed that there wasn't any 'proper' cakes on it (I was craving a slab of victoria sponge!) but everything on there did look so pretty and dainty even though it wasn't my kind of thing.

Delyth went for a meringue type thing...

... and I settled on a fat rascal, mainly because I liked the name! I wouldn't normally go for anything with fruit in, but I really was craving a big fat hunk of something and this definitely fitted the bill! Although I did feel guilty for not getting anything off the cake trolley.

I of course had tea and it was very traditional as you would expect - strainer and everything! One thing I don't get about these silver tea sets is how you are meant to pour the tea without getting third degree burns! The handles always get so hot - seriously how are you meant to do it - and look refined and civilised at the same time?!?!

It was very nice - and quite expensive - but well worth it for the old fashioned tea room experience. But if buttercream loaded cupcakes and red velvet is what you're after, you won't find it here!


  1. I haven't been to this particular Betty's Tearoom, but I have been to the one in York and managed to down an entire afternoon tea all by myself ... Hubby was being a fuddy duddy that day! Delicious and such a lovely place to spend an afternoon stuffing your face ;0)

  2. You HAVE to have a fat rascal when you go to Betty's. I'm pretty sure that's the law.


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