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Cheshire Food Festival and my first Cake Off!

I love me a good food festival, and today I went along to the Cheshire Food Festival at Walton Hall, Warrington. I'd previously been to the Great British Food Festival there over the Jubilee weekend and decided to be brave and throw my hat into the Cake Off ring this time!

I entered the Chocolate Delicious category where the brief was 'whatever you like as long as it's full of chocolate!' I decided to enter my chocolate and peanut butter cake, which has proved quite popular in the past and made a couple of appearances on the blog before (here and here). As soon as I got there and saw the other entries though, I knew I should have raised my game - they all looked great but some were magnificent!

So I'm a little bit gutted to have to report that I was in the bottom 3 out of the 7 entries. I'm not very good at losing (as anyone who have ever played any kind of game with me and witnessed my jutting bottom lip will testify!), but once I got over the initial disappoi…

Mocha marbled loaf cake

Marble cake is one of my favourite cakes - when I was little we always used to get iced marble half moon cake from Somerfield - but for some reason I've never really bothered with making it myself.

I'd done a marbled mocha cake before and it was delicious so when I saw a recipe for a mocha marbled loaf in the August 2012 edition of Good Food magazine I knew it had to be made! Mike's boss has been giving us eggs from his chickens and so I thought I would give them back to him in cake form to say thank you.

Although the cake itself turned out lovely, I completely botched the white chocolate ganache. I've really no idea what I did wrong as I thought I followed the recipe to the letter, but it was runny and awful and full of little lumps of chocolate. For some reason I still dumped it on top of the cake when I should probably have left it off. This is why there are hardly any photos of this cake!

I think this is definitely one to save and eat the next day if you can, the f…

Cocoa Boutique - a review

Well, this is my 100th post!!! I know usually people do giveaways for these kind of posts, but being the selfish brat that I am, I decided to indulge myself by accepting a box of luxury chocolates to review from the newly established Cocoa Boutique! (sorry loyal readers... but there is an opportunity to get a free box for yourself though, see the bottom of the post for details!)

Cocoa Boutique is an artisan chocolate tasting club, where after purchasing an initial 'introductory selection' box of chocolates, you can then have boxes of chocolates dropping through your letterbox on a monthly basis, for £19.95 per month. And they really are just the right size for your letter box, so no need for screams of dismay when you get home from work desperate for a chocolate fix to find a 'sorry we missed you' card telling you that your chocs are at the sorting office which closed half an hour ago. Each month you will get a different selection, all of which have been hand picked a…