Recent cupcakes

In the interests of time and sanity I'm going to bung together a few sets of cupcakes into one post!

After the Grasshopper cake left me agog at the distinct lack of mint-choc cakes in the world I decided to make a simple cupcake version. These were just my usual basic chocolate cupcakes topped with the peppermint buttercream from the Grasshopper cake (150g butter, 300g icing sugar beaten together, with a generous teaspoon of peppermint extract and a smidgen of green food colouring). This is so simple that I will accept no excuses for not trying the heavenly combo that is mint, chocolate and cake (other than that perhaps because you don't like mint...!). I stuck some halved After Eight's in some and ended up leaving the others plain because I was actually quite pleased with the piping (and somebody was pouting at all the After Eight's being used up!)


The next batch were for a leaving buffet at work - a conference room had been booked at lunchtime and catering ordered from the staff canteen, so we thought we would try to jazz things up a bit by bringing cupcakes and Schloer. The canteen's jam tarts gave me a run for my money but they just couldn't compete with Haribo, which I even attempted to colour co-cordinate with the cupcake cases - although I was scuppered on the cola bottles! Clearly I need to get out more!

Finally, some lemon cupcakes. I was forced into making these by Asda - I had ordered 1 lemon with the weekly shop for something, but since they didn't have any loose lemons, I ended up with a whole bag of the beasts! The recipe was from Lola's cupcakes and again didn't disappoint - if you like your cupcakes then I really recommend getting this book, it is so lovely and the three recipes I have tried so far have all turned out well.


  1. Love those frosting swirls on your mint cupcakes! and the fact you colour co-ordinated your cases to the decorations on top - that is my fave thing to do as well!

  2. Gorgeous cupcakes!! I love mint and chocolate and cake too!!

  3. You are a baker after my own heart - mint and chocolate is my all time fave! Lovely cuppies too, your icing is so profesh!

  4. After you've admitted to me that you don't particularly like custard creams and almonds, I must confess that I'm not a huge peppermint fan :( !!!
    I like chocolate, and I like mint by itself, but for some reason I'm not fussed about them paired together.

    However I can say that your mint chocolate cupcakes look gorgeous! Also loving the colour coordination with the haribo cupcakes.


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