Jubilee baking

Another post which shows how woefully behind I am with blogging... there was no way I was going to let the Queen's Jubilee pass without baking something, but the afternoon tea baking marathon I ended up on was even more than what I had originally had in mind! I didn't realise that I'd been stockpiling Jubilee decorations, and well, it would have been rude not to have used them all!

Here is a breakdown of what was in my spread. First up: butties. Featuring sandwich flags! Is there anything more pleasing than sandwich flags?! I made cheese and pickle, ham, tuna and cream cheese and cucumber.

Next layer for the tea stand: Earl Grey cupcakes! Decorated with a fab Jubilee cupcake set I got for my birthday and some Union flag coloured sprinkles.

...and finally, my first attempt at scones! I've made Baileys and chocolate scones before but never any plain scones. I was a bit nervous as I often see scone-related cries for help on blogs and Twitter. However, I can smugly report that my scones were scrummy! They weren't the prettiest scones ever, and most of them flumped over on the tray and looked a bit beastly. But there were just about 4 normal looking ones to put on the cake stand and look pretty! I can't even remember which recipe I used, but I'm pretty sure it was a Good Food one out of one of my mini books.

And finally, no Jubilee party would be complete without a Victoria Sponge! I've seen a few Jubilee cakes using these decorations, which I picked up from Harrods during my London trip in April.

We also had chocolate cola cake too, which was leftover from my practice bake the day before. It was definitely sweet treat overload and there was so much left over! So in true Jubilee spirit, after our friends had left, I decided to cut up some cake and take it door to door around our neighbours. I got a few bemused expressions and some people looked downright suspicious of me but they all took some cake! Even the landlord and his wife came around for a slice after I texted them (I was too scared to just pitch up on their doorstep!) and they brought me some flowers picked from their garden. It really rounded off a lovely Jubilee day.


  1. Never fear Hun - I just put a post up from Christmas! By comparison you are positively ahead of time ;0)
    Love the afternoon tea spread, very British indeed.

  2. Ah your neighbours must have loved you - what a great idea! and what a feast indeed! at least your scones tasted good, that's all that matters!

  3. Looks delicious and I've noticed you've mastered the swirl!

  4. Love the decorations that you bought from Harrods. The figurines are awesome!

    This is my first time visiting your blog. Here I am "like" you at facebook and being your latest blog follower :D

  5. What a feast! How wonderfully British :) I love that you took slices over for your neighbours, wish I lived near you!

  6. I love your flags!

    Due to shift patterns I did zero jubilee baking so don't worry about being a little behind!


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