Hummingbird baking

So after my trip to the Hummingbird Bakery, I was inspired to try out some more of their recipes and the very next day made the Earl Grey cupcakes. I'm not sure why I chose them, since I don't really like Earl Grey, but I have seen them mentioned on several blogs, and I knew of a few Earl Grey fans I could pass them off onto if needs be!

I won't post the recipe as I have seen it on many blogs (here's one with particularly lovely decorations: Laura Loves Cakes), but I followed it to the letter, determined not to mess it up this time. I even tried to swirl the buttercream on with a palette knife, a technique that I have really struggled with before for some reason. And I am please to report that....IT WORKED IT ALL WORKED!

I even liked the cakes myself! The Earl Grey flavour definitely came through, I think in the buttercream more so than the cake itself. I've made these again during my Jubilee baking frenzy (likely to be posted months after the event!) and they were just as good, so these definitely weren't a fluke!

I was so confident about my new Hummingbird skills that I baked another recipe for the Chester Clandestine Cake Club, the theme of which was 'Sugar and Spice and all things nice.' The Cardamom loaf in the Cake Days book had caught my eye so I thought it would be perfect, plus I didn't have much time to make it so this no fuss loaf cake was convenient aswell.

Picture stolen from Nic, full set here!
I have to admit I felt a bit ashamed as it looked so dull on the table along with all the other beautifully decorated cakes, and I was even more crestfallen when I thought I overheard someone say it tasted like curry! However most people seemed to enjoy it and I personally thought it was lovely - just a simple loaf with a warm hint of spice. Curry indeed! Recipe is here.

Would you like rice, chips or half and half with that?
So I think I have broken my Hummingbird curse! I am wondering if using an electric mixer makes a difference, as the recipe I tried first I tried by hand and it just seemed too runny.

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  1. Curry indeed haha that was funny. WELL I never got an earl grey cupcake....!! Like your icing, I've not managed that myself yet I'm too impatient :)

  2. Your hummingbird icing swirl looks perfect. Well done! I made their earl grey cupcakes for my tea party themed birthday last year and loved them, although my icing was a bit sloppy as I was a bit over enthusiastic adding the tea to the buttercream!

  3. Your swirl looks great, I really struggle with it too.

    I've had problems with the hummingbird recipes too. I find that because you don't cream together the butter and sugar first that the butter doesn't combine properly in the batter and it stays very running. It seems to work if the butter is very soft. I'm about to blog the earl grey cupcakes too!

  4. Kim, your icing swirl looks perfect! I must try these cupcakes one day.



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