Cakes Not From Kim: Hummingbird Bakery

I have had a bit of a chequered history with the Hummingbird Bakery, it is one of those things that I feel like I should love - the books look great and everything bangs on about them all the time. But the one recipe I tried just didn't work - and it was only vanilla cupcakes, how can you mess them up?! - and so I had been hesitant to try anything else.

But when I was in London I just knew I would have to visit, and so we went down to the South Kensington branch (47 Old Brompton Road, SW7 3JP).

We went just after breakfast on the last day of our trip, and neither of us wanted to stay and eat, so we got some stuff to take away and haul back on the train with us.

We chose a big slice of red velvet cake and a whoopie pie, and two cupcakes. I loved the packaging, which was nice and sturdy and meant we got all our goodies back to Cheshire in one piece and not just a mound of crumbs as I was fearing! It also made the cakes feel lovely and luxurious, like a proper treat.

I really enjoyed my whoopie pie - I had never tried one, or even seen one before, and I am already stockpiling marshmallow fluff to try out my own soon! It was like a cakey cookie - firmer than a cake but still soft and squidgy.

Embarrassingly though, I don't think we ate ANYTHING else that we bought from there! I know, I know it's ridiculous - but after a week of birthday meals and treats I guess we both just couldn't face any more!

I really wished we had visited sooner in our trip so we could have enjoyed the cakes more, but it did get me motivated to try out some more Hummingbird recipes. The results of which are to follow....


  1. I've never had a whoopie pie either.. :( Boo... We will be back to the Hummingbird in Septemeber haha x

  2. Great....seems you enjoyed alot.
    Well one of my cousins also went there and bought cupcakes for me, I also loved them..they were really delicious.


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