Easter baking 2012

So you know how behind on blogging you are when you're posting your Easter bakes in June... I'm determined to catch up though, and really want to have everything go on the blog in order, so it will just have to be extremely late!

I was determined to do something different this year after making the same Easter cakes 2 years running, and ended up doing 3 different kinds of cupcakes.

Firstly, Easter nest cupcakes inspired by the WI Celebration Cupcakes book. This is such a lovely little book, although I have to say I've never tried any of the recipes themselves, it's great for ideas for toppings and decorations. These are just my basic chocolate cupcake recipe, topped with the traditional Easter nest shredded wheat/chocolate/butter/cream/icing sugar etc combo, plus mini eggs and Easter chicks of course.

Secondly, I had bought these wafer bunny decorations in Lakeland and so added them to some white chocolate cupcakes.

And finally - these were a last minute addition to the planned baking!

I saw something similar (and infinitely better) on the gorgeous Butter Hearts Sugar blog and decided on Easter Saturday that they must be made! Mike was dispatched to Asda but the only suitable eggs left were Kinder eggs... cue half an hour of painstakingly trying to cut them in half and slice the tops off, with the occasional distraction of constructing plastic toys! They were a little on the big side so the chicks are sitting on mounds of mini eggs inside. I will definitely be doing these again properly next year and will make sure I get in early with buying suitable eggs.


  1. I love the kinder egg ones, the chicks look so cute peering out!

  2. I definitely know the feeling about being behind in blogging! I can't wait to see your Jubilee bakes :) I love the kinder egg cupcakes - so cute and definitely bookmarking for next year.

  3. Well that was dangerous for a start - dispatching Mike to Asda!! Haha... Shredded wheat?! Never realised that was in your topping! x

  4. I love the little chicks - a fantastic idea!


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