Chocolate & Strawberry

My mum has the biggest sweet tooth ever and will often order a starter instead of a main meal to make sure she has maximum room for dessert! So on special occasions it's never difficult to think up something to make for her, since she loves pretty much anything sweet. One of her favourite things though is the strawberry cremes from Roses, so for Mother's Day I decided to make some cupcakes inspired by her favourite chocolate!

These are straightforward chocolate cupcakes decorated with strawberry buttercream from a Lola's Cupcakes recipe. It's basically buttercream with 4 mashed up strawberries beaten in. It gives the buttercream a zingy fresh strawberry flavour and a lovely natural pinky colour. My only niggle was the buttercream was quite sloppy so the rose piping didn't stand out as much - with hindsight I might add more icing sugar in future if I want to pipe it nicely... or stick it in the fridge for a bit.

All packed up and ready to go
Fairy cakes with the leftovers!
It was Mum's birthday just a few weeks after Mother's Day, and she seemed to like the cupcakes so much that I thought I would make a cake version. Again, it's just a standard chocolate sponge, sandwiched together and topped with the strawberry buttercream. I was going to ice the sides aswell but I wasn't sure if I had enough buttercream so thought I'd better not start! Having seen this lovely cake on Jo's blog recently, if I made this again I would cover it in rose swirls like that - buttercream consistency permitting!

This chocolate cake and strawberry combo is definitely a winner and I like the colours together - originally I wasn't sure if it would work. I would stick to a lighter chocolate cake to go with it though - mine was just a victoria sponge with added cocoa powder - unless you can handle your cakes mega sickly sweet!


  1. Yummy!! I must try this choc & strawberry combo, can you believe I've never had it before in a cake! :) LOVE the Lola book btw - might have to buy one for myself :) xx

  2. These look great - I love the chocolate and strawberry combination. I just got a copy of Lola's book and made something from it earlier tonight.

  3. Chocolate and strawberry is my absolute favourite combination. Great cake!

    I have the same sloppy icing issue - do you put less strawberry in so you pipe and sacrifice the flavour! stressful x


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