Books by my bedside, and recent cupcakes

I've always loved reading and usually have a book on the go most of the time, but in recent months I've become a real bookworm again and have had my face hidden in a book at every opportunity (this is probably why I've been quite blog-wise of late!). So I was happy to be tagged in this meme by Nic's Notebook recently to talk about what I've been reading!

This is my 'outgoing' pile...

Dorothy Koomson is my current favourite author, since Mike's mum lent me the Ice Cream Girls last year and I literally couldn't put it down - I read it in under 24 hours, only taking breaks to eat and sleep! I got The Woman he loved before for Christmas and that was another page turner, and I treated myself to My Best Friend's Girl which I've just finished. It wasn't as gripping as the other two of hers I had read because there wasn't really a big mystery, but it was such an emotional, funny and real kind of book that I still really enjoyed it, and it was actually a relief to read something at a normal pace for a change because the other books in the pile are the Hunger Games trilogy (book one is out on loan!) which I read before it and had me completely gripped! It was a good job I had a week off work so I could finish them since I was seriously considering pulling a sickie at certain points! It definitely reminded me of the likes of Harry Potter and Twilight in that you get pulled in and invested in the characters even though they are in situations that are so unreal. But what I loved about the Hunger Games the most is that I didn't feel like it copped out in any way - when I read Twilight I was actually disappointed in the ending because, well, because nobody died (excluding Bella if you want to be pedantic!)! That probably sounds a bit odd but it just felt a bit 'OK and then they all lived happily ever after' - so I was glad of a few shockers and a bit more doom and gloom in the Hunger Games. I'm also glad I don't have to wait to see the film, tickets already pre-booked and counting down now!

This is my 'incoming' pile...

All are thanks to Nic who came to my rescue after I started to panic realising I didn't have anything lined up after finishing My Best Friend's Girl. I'm currently stuck in to The Radleys and really enjoying it so far, it's not really like anything I've read before so feels like quite a unique read! Looking forward to getting stuck into the others, will definitely keep me busy for a while. I'm not going to tag anyone else in this because most people I follow are baking bloggers, but please leave me a comment and let me know what you are reading at the moment, or please feel free to do the meme yourself!

I thought I would also share some cupcakes I've made recently (and not-so-recently)...

Banana chocolate cupcakes from the Lola's Cupcakes book, which I got for Christmas. I urge everyone to buy this book! I had such a hard time choosing what to make but the bananas festering in the fruit bowl sealed this one for me. Everything in the book looks delicious and I want to make them all! These were really tasty, the banana flavour came through quite strongly in the cake.

On the same day I made these cherry chocolate cupcakes, also from the Lola book, and mainly because I already had all the ingredients for them, bar the cherries (it was post Christmas budget baking!). Unfortunately I burnt these pretty badly so they weren't fit for sharing, but the cake underneath the burnt layer was tasty, and there's something that feels quite decadent about cherry chocolate I always think. I went ahead and decorated them anyway and I would definitely make these again if I knew anyone who really liked cherries (but I would keep more of an eye on the time next time...).

Finally I made these last weekend for my step-brother's birthday. I didn't really know what he liked but got a tip-off that he was a fan of white chocolate so I kept it simple with these white chocolate cupcakes. I just used my usual vanilla cupcake recipe and added 50g of white chocolate chips. The frosting was just some melted white chocolate with some icing sugar. It was all a bit last minute so I was a bit gutted that I didn't have time to chill the frosting so I could pipe it, but in the end I thought they looked OK just with some fun decorations (he has a 5 year old daughter so I knew at least someone would appreciate them!). They were quite yummy and not at all sickly like I was worried about, definitely one to keep in mind especially for a last minute simple bake.


  1. The white choc cupcakes look fab! Glad you're enjoying The Radleys! Bec gave me back your 2 books today so I shall be starting The Hunger Games soon :) PS - Cinema date to see the film with Bec & I??! xx

  2. Really enjoyed The Hunger Games so thanks for the loan, we should definitely go see it at the cinema :)

  3. These are looking so delicious. Cupcake is the yummy treat that every one like.


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