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Books by my bedside, and recent cupcakes

I've always loved reading and usually have a book on the go most of the time, but in recent months I've become a real bookworm again and have had my face hidden in a book at every opportunity (this is probably why I've been quite blog-wise of late!). So I was happy to be tagged in this meme by Nic's Notebook recently to talk about what I've been reading!

This is my 'outgoing' pile...

Dorothy Koomson is my current favourite author, since Mike's mum lent me the Ice Cream Girls last year and I literally couldn't put it down - I read it in under 24 hours, only taking breaks to eat and sleep! I got The Woman he loved before for Christmas and that was another page turner, and I treated myself to My Best Friend's Girl which I've just finished. It wasn't as gripping as the other two of hers I had read because there wasn't really a big mystery, but it was such an emotional, funny and real kind of book that I still really enjoyed it, and it wa…