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My first giant cupcake

I was really excited when Find Me A Gift asked if I would like to review one of their cupcake gifts - I've been hoping I'd get an opportunity to try out doing a product review at some point and when I saw that a giant cupcake mould was one of the possibilties, I was in! I've been wanting to try a giant cupcake for a while now especially since after seeing all of the beautiful ones on the Nom! blog so it was great to have an excuse to try it.

I was a little disappointed in the packaging, if I'm honest it does look a bit cheap (which it is I guess, £9.99 but I noticed it's been reduced since Christmas) and I didn't think the picture on the front was particularly appealing. But what matters most it's what's inside, right?! And the silicone moulds themselves seemed good quality, no different in texture and thickness to my silicone loaf tin mould. They come with a filling insert, although I didn't use this, deciding it was better to keep it simple. As fa…