Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The cake pop disaster

This post is long overdue, but I've got to catch up on what I've already baked before I can share anything new! Cake pops are something I had been wanting to try for ages now but had seen many people saying how you need to set aside lots of time and have lots of patience for them (patience not being something I have at all).  But after seeing the amazing Halloween cake pops (yep told you it was long overdue) on The Pink Whisk's blog I decided to give them a go as I love all things Halloween and wanted to top the spider cakes I did last year.

It was looking good. I even managed to get the right gel paste colours, some polystyrene boxes for display and track down the proper Silver Spoon buttons (plus a few bags of pink ones, since I was so confident I thought I could make some piggy cake pops at a later date), I cleared the diary and planned time for baking, cooling, crumbing, mixing, chilling, melting, setting, colouring, decorating.... I was feeling so confident! The confidence continued to grow as I baked up my chocolate sponge, made the buttercream and mixed it all into a paste. The balls were shaped, they were in the fridge to chill. Pumpkinny indent patterns were made, the chocolate was melted, the first few were on the sticks. Success!

And then this happened.

And it just kept happening! I don't know what happened with the first few flukes, but I suspect it was probably because I hadn't chilled the balls enough. By now I was in a raging mood and so I just dumped the rest of the chocolate over the remaining balls and left them all to chill.

The disaster became less of a disaster when we tasted them, because I have to admit, there were so tasty! I love chocolate orange and so the taste of the chocolate cake with the orange chocolate was so, so good. I wish I'd taken more care in dumping on the rest of the chocolate as they could really have been pumpkin cake balls, but I'd become obsessed with them being on sticks at that point and probably wouldn't have listened to reason!

It really wasn't worth whipping up and colouring any icing but luckily I had some writing icing lurking in the cupboard so managed to fashion a few pumpkins in the end.

Cake pops are definitely something I want to try again this year as the taste was definitely worth the faff, I just need to work on my patience levels and learn not to flip my lid at the first sign of trouble! Hilariously, by far the main thing people search for when visiting my blog has always been cake pops, so sorry to disappoint everyone twice over!


  1. Haha you will turn into a cake pop expert !! I would like to try them too :) x

  2. Oh Kim, welcome to my world of baking disasters. Is it bad of me to be happy that these things happen to other people too?!!

  3. This post made me laugh out loud! Not in a horrible mean person way, just the way you described the whole process. I have very little patience too so I would imagine I would have done exactly the same thing. I have yet to try cake pops (probably due to faff factor) but they sound really tasty.

  4. This post is so funny, I laughed my socks off and not at you but with understanding sympathy. I have had many a cake pop disaster, it is definitely the patience thing, so many little stages and so much time in between! My main issue has always been the candy melts thickening as they cool, you need to add shortening I think. I have only made them once or twice, i'd take a cupcake and some fondant over a cake pop any day. X x

  5. I totally sympathise with you. I saw the same cake pops and attempted my own Halloween ones this year. They were a lot of faff but I was pleased with the final result. I really want to try making them again.

  6. I attempted cake pops once- if I remember rightly I set aside what felt like an ENTIRE weekend to make them. They mostly worked, but I haven't tried them since because of the sheer volume of time I'll need to set aside! I've still got loads of cake-pop-paraphernalia lying around! V v v glad to hear yours tasted good- that is after all the most important thing!

  7. I'll be honest with you, cake pops intimidate me. I have so many books and the candy melts and everything but have not yet worked up the courage to attempt them. I'm sure you'll master them in no time.

  8. I've never cottoned on to the whole cake pop thing myself - they look wonderful, don't get me wrong, just I like to eat my cake and icing as cake and icing I guess. That said, I do really like your wee pumpkins, they are very sweet ;0)
    Sorry the rest decided to be temperamental on you though, hope you have better success next time.

  9. Hello Kim,

    Nic mentioned that you'd had trouble with cake pops. Like yours, my first attempt also ended up all over the kitchen table. I found that putting them in the freezer for twenty minutes worked a treat!

    They still look fab. x

  10. My first attempt at cake pops didn't go as well as I'd hoped either! Look what I mean:
    I'm sure we'll both get better at it with practice! And yours did turn out nicely in the end :-)

  11. Hehe just came across this post today and thought I'd have a read since I got a cake pops book for xmas and have been desperate to try making some...slightly worried now..i too do not have a huge amount of patience! Your finished pops do look very cute though despite all the trouble you had!

    PS Keep your fingers crossed for me haha

  12. I'm reading this with my mom and sister laughing like hyenas! Not at you of course! We had the same " New Year's Eve Ball" moment. Not funny in the least! We are making these for a church bake sale and it is far from easy! Thanks Bakerella! {sarcastic}


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