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Grandma's Parkin

My Grandma would often bake and there would always be a tin of treats in the cupboard for when people called for a cup of tea and a chat, which they did often. She mostly made scones and tray bakes, with the cakes being cut into dainty little fingers and put into tins to store away ready for visitors. Grandma had a hostess trolley which would be loaded up with cake slices and scones and cups of tea and wheeled into the lounge for guests. This loading of the trolley was a job I loved to do when I was there and still now every time I take a lid off a cake tin and get a whiff of homebaked goodness I am transported back into her kitchen, doing the very important job of selecting slices of cake to display. Mostly I remember ginger sponge, parkin, lemon cake and scones (and a Christmas cake at Christmas), and if she knew I was coming, she would do a couple of plain scones since she knew I didn't like fruit. However, I was still happy picking the fruit out and eating them that way, sinc…

Cinnamon cake with blackberries

Another one that was made ages ago! I snipped this recipe out of the Sainsbury's magazine back in October-ish time, but I think it's a Dan Lepard recipe (really should have taken a note, all I have is a very neatly cut out rectangle with the recipe on). I love cinnamon cake and thought the addition of blackberries would make for a very wintry treat.... plus I was desperate for something without apples after the plethora of apple recipes I seemed to be baking in the Autumn!

Edit 17.01.12: Recipe is indeed from Short & Sweet by Dan Lepard and appeared in Sainsbury's magazine. Ingredients and method removed for copyright reasons.

This was a great cake, perfect with a cup of tea. Think I would add more cinnamon next time but apart from that it was lovely, light and fresh with the cream and fruit. The whole cake disappeared within the afternoon as I took slices to my mum and best friend and there were hungry boys around at the house for the F1 that day so when I returned th…

The cake pop disaster

This post is long overdue, but I've got to catch up on what I've already baked before I can share anything new! Cake pops are something I had been wanting to try for ages now but had seen many people saying how you need to set aside lots of time and have lots of patience for them (patience not being something I have at all).  But after seeing the amazing Halloween cake pops (yep told you it was long overdue) on The Pink Whisk's blog I decided to give them a go as I love all things Halloween and wanted to top the spider cakes I did last year.

It was looking good. I even managed to get the right gel paste colours, some polystyrene boxes for display and track down the proper Silver Spoon buttons (plus a few bags of pink ones, since I was so confident I thought I could make some piggy cake pops at a later date), I cleared the diary and planned time for baking, cooling, crumbing, mixing, chilling, melting, setting, colouring, decorating.... I was feeling so confident! The confi…

Christmas Round Up

I'm sure you're all sick of looking at festive food by now, so I'll keep this brief! After the madness of last year's Blogvent, Christmas baking in my house this year was a bit more few and far-between! I only baked one new Christmas bake this year which was these Gingerbread cupcakes - recipe was from the Pink Whisk and can be found here.

They were yummy and very festive but a bit on the heavy, treacle-y side for me. Mike loved them though since he is a treacle fiend! Sadly I didn't have any cute gingerbread men to decorate them with but instead used some festive silver balls. I just used normal icing mixed with lemon juice instead of water.

I also made some star biscuits (same recipe as last year)....

... some Florentines, same as last year, which were bagged up and given as gifts, and I didn't even photograph! ....

.... and the starry Mincemeat slice, again the same as last year! Only a couple of slices got eaten, mainly because it was made on the 27th to us…