September Bake It! - Jam Roly Poly

September sees a welcome return of the Bake It! Club - hosted by Amy over at Cooking, Cakes and Children

This month there was a theme of school dinners, but as soon as I saw the suggested recipe I knew I had to make it! It was 'proper' jam roly poly as my Mum would call it - her all-time favourite! (School dinners must have gone down the pan since she was at school, we never had anything so advanced, it was tray baked sponges and congealed custard for us... although weirdly I did quite enjoy it).

Due to an innate fear of making a roulade I was a bit apprehensive about the rolling element, plus I've not really done must in the way of pastry yet so this was a definite challenge! However I was pleasantly surprised at how simple it was to make. I had a few jam issues - when I spread it out I thought it looked stingy but then when I rolled it up it was spilling out and I had to mop some of it up. Looking back at Amy's now I think mine is definitely lacking in jam, maybe I was rolling it too tight?

Anyway, despite me skimping on the jam, it was quite nice and I'd definitely make this again to tweak the bits I didn't get quite right. Most importantly though, Mum enjoyed it and took the rest home to have the next day. Apologies for the slightly rubbishy pictures, the light wasn't great and in most of the ones we took there was the lovely backdrop of junk on the kitchen table! We were rushing though as we wanted to eat it while it was still warm!


  1. I've never attempted a roly poly in my life so kudos to you ... mind you I've never eaten one either. Looks lovely with all that custard too ;0)

  2. I never had anything half as delicious as this at school, but it does take me back to childhood - yum.

  3. That looks fab! Glad you enjoyed the recipe. You do get a lot of jam oozing out when you roll it up, I just tuck it underneath! Thanks for joining in, x

  4. I love any "old school" puds although, like you it was traybakes and the like all the way for me (loved them though!).
    Never had a proper suet jam roly poly - looks great in a "stick to your ribs" kind of way! Perfect for the colder weather

  5. OMG!! How pleased am I that you are also hooked to Masterchef Australia. If you can you should check out the first two series too!!


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