Double chocolate loaf cake

I'm a bit obsessed with loaf cakes at the moment, since I finally got a loaf tin I just seem to see lots of lovely recipes, even though this is actually only the second one I've done.

 I made this because Mike was having to go to a work meeting that he was dreading and I thought I would make him something insanely chocolately to cheer him up for when he got back. After a quick peruse on the trusty BBC Good Food website I found a recipe for a Double Chocolate Loaf Cake that I thought would fit the bill perfectly.

It was pretty simple to make - yes yes, despite the recipe commanding me to use an electric mixer I shunned this and went for the usual wooden spoon! This took what seemed like hours to bake (although hours is probably actually accurate) - after the allotted time it seemed barely cooked and I was thinking it was just going to be Brownie Gate all over again, but after leaving it in for an age the skewer test seemed acceptable.

Unfortunately, due to all this I was too annoyed to faff about with drizzling melted chocolate on it like the recipe picture, so I just melted some milk chocolate, smeared it all over the top and sprinkled with chocolate drops.

Couldn't wait for the chocolate to melt!

Well, it was insanely chocolatey I was after and this certainly delivered! It's more like quadruple chocolate cake and very heavy going! However if it's a simple chocolate loaf you need this is a safe bet, just make sure you have got the time and patience to put your life on hold while it bakes!


  1. Oh my gosh!!! I'm popping around for a piece right now ;0)

  2. Chocolate heaven!!! Bet that cheered Mike up! I've been craving loaf cake recently for some reason. There are two very ripe bananas in my fruit bowl which may end up in a loaf cake this week.

  3. Aww what a nice girlfriend u are!!! Hope ur not blogging when ur away on ur hols??!! It looks like an awesome cake :)

  4. Yummy! Sooo good!!. I love making chocolate cakes! My kids love this cake this is really delicious. I also Found delicious cakes in gourmandia.


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