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Sausage Dog Cake

It's well known by now among friends and family that I love to bake, and so when my step-brother asked me a few months ago to make the cake for his daughter Franchesca's 5th birthday, I was really chuffed. That is, until when asked what sort of cake she wanted, she said 'a dog cake'. ARGH! Novelty cakes are not something I've ever done before and I have absolutely no confidence when it comes to decoration anyway (although I'm not sure what I was expecting her to say; I doubt that pineapple upside down cakes or victoria sponges are really the thing for 5 year olds!)

After much deliberation I decided to try a cake in the shape of a sausage dog, with the idea that I could make it comically large to hopefully detract from the fact that it would have to be iced quite simply. Also my step-brother used to have a sausage dog that he doted on, so that was quite a nice link too!

Everything started off well - I used a simple choc sponge recipe, baking 3 large square cakes, …