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I've never done a meme before and I'm not even sure I've ever made a post that was completely about me! However I actually do love this type of thing - back in the days of My Space I could always be counted on to fill in whatever chain questionnaire was going around and I am a bit of a form geek - I was highly excited about the arrival of the census this week! - so I was quite happy to be tagged in this meme by Nic's Notebook and obviously it's the law that I should now complete this, so here it is!

I am: when I was wondering what to put here, Mike started singing "I am what I am..." (He also suggested "a yam" though so I'm not sure how much notice I should be taking...) but actually, that is quite a good answer, if a little bit cheesy. I always used to care so much about fitting in and whether I liked the right things or wore the right clothes or whether everyone thought I was a bit of a sad case, but now I feel a lot more confident in being able to say if I don't want to do something, and in my opinions of what I like and what I don't, instead of just feeling like I've got to agree with everyone else all the time.

The bravest thing I have ever done: I wouldn't really say I was a brave person, but others have told me they thought I was brave for the following: I first went to uni in London and I absolutely hated it and struggled to make friends on my course. About a week in to second year, and not long after signing a contract on a house, I quit. I didn't really feel like it was brave at the time but looking back I think it was a harder decision than I gave myself credit for. I always hoped I'd go back to studying some day, and in 2007 I quit my job and went to the University of Manchester. It was the hardest but also the best thing I ever did and I graduated last summer.

I feel prettiest when: hmm, I wouldn't say I have a surefire outfit or situation that makes me feel pretty and it mostly depends on my mood! However, I always feel a bit better about myself if I've painted my nails and I'm wearing some dangly earrings. I at least wear studs every day and I hate it if I leave the house and then later realise I forgot to put them in, I always feel a bit weird without them. Probably because I'm always fiddling with them.

Something that keeps me up at night: Pretty much every night I will worry about small things like if the house is locked, if everything is switched off, if the house will suddenly burst into flames, if I heard a noise downstairs, what will happen in work the next day. In general I am terrible for worrying about anything and everything, but I'm lucky in that it doesn't really keep me up at night, it just tends to torment me during the waking hours!

My favourite meal is: SO difficult to choose as I have a habit of saying lots of things are my favourite depending on what I am eating at the time! But I think steak, chips, peas, onion rings and peppercorn sauce probably wins. Or a KFC boneless banquet. It's a tough call!

The way to my heart is: Just to talk to me! Although I'm loads better than I used to be, I am hideously shy, especially when with any more than 1 or 2 people at a time. Often I think this can come across like I'm just miserable or in a mood, and so I'm always eternally grateful for anybody who can see through this and make the effort to talk to me, because then I will open up and once I know you I will prattle on quite happily!

I would like to be: a lot more laid-back. I can get wound up over the tiniest thing and will over-analyse most conversations I have, I'll play things back in my head and wonder if I said and did the right things even though I'll have already worried beforehand over what to say and do! I'll pitch a fit if things don't run to plan and I'll get stressed over really stupid little things. Having said all that, I do think I cope quite well with the bigger things, so I'm not sure which way round is the best really.

So there we go! It's been fun to share stuff about myself for a change - that's why I signed up to Twitter so I can more easily chat with everyone about non-baking things. I'm not going to tag anyone else (mainly because Nicola tagged the only other blogs that I read regularly that aren't solely about baking!) but if you would like to fill it in please let me know and leave me a comment!


  1. You sound very similar to me - I'm so shy when faced with more than a couple of people - when starting uni for example, and I hate to think people think I'm miserable or aloof. And with the stressing over the little things too, aren't we silly?

    Your friends are right, you were very brave to leave uni when it wasn't right for you. Sometimes 'giving up' on something is the bravest thing to do :) xx

  2. Haha yay you did it!! Fab answers, I think you were extremely brave to leave your course when you knew you weren't happy!! I always think people think I'm rude or a bit strange too cos I'm not the life & soul of the party. See u 2moro, looking forward to it :) xx


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