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Blondies with peanut butter

This was the second of my peanut butter recipes from last week and is also the second yummy recipe I have tried from Eric Lanlard's Home Bake book.

I think I left it in slightly too long - gave it an extra ten mins as it seemed a bit too wibbly when it came out of the oven and I am a bit obsessed with things being undercooked. I only really got to have a little taste of these - had already OD'd on Snickers muffins so the rest got given away as extra housewarming goodies for my best friend, Mike's family, and Nic's Notebook. But what I did try I liked - they were a lot lighter and sweeter than normal brownies - so they are definitely going on the 'make again' list and I think I will hog them all for myself next time!

Here is the recipe, and this time I actually remembered to take pictures as I went!

You will need:
100g unsalted butter, softened
150g crunchy peanut butter
1tsp vanilla extract
175g caster sugar
1 egg
75g white chocolate
75g walnut halves
125g plain flour

Snickers and Peanut Butter Muffins

I have gone a bit peanut butter crazy this week - it's not something I would ever buy so I needed to use the whole jar up! As a result the very thought of it is now making me a bit queasy.

I saw this Nigella recipe for Snickers and Peanut Butter muffins on Nic's Notebook and have had it bookmarked for ages, and when my best friend moved into a new place last week I thought they would be perfect for a housewarming present, as she is a bit of a Reese's cups fiend I thought she would appreciate them.

The tulip muffin cases I picked up from the cake supplies shop at Lady Heyes - I've never used them before but will definitely be using them again. I love the effect - but I need to work a bit harder on not dolloping the batter all over the sides too as there were quite a few stray bits of muffin burnt onto the tips of them!

I will definitely be making these again (although not for a very long time due to serious peanut butter overload) - I loved the gooey chewy bits of Snickers…

Toffee and Apple Sauce Muffins

I'd been itching to try out some of the recipes in my new Eric Lanlard - Home Bake book since I bought it from the book club in work for the bargain price of £6! Everything looked so yummy that I had a hard time choosing, but these toffee and apple sauce muffins had got me drooling so I went with them.

They turned out fine but my recipe and measurements were a bit of a disaster. I didn't have any Calvados - apparently this is an apple liqueur but since I knew I'd probably never used it again I didn't want to buy a whole bottle for 2 teaspoons, so I just added 2 extra teaspoons of water. In hindsight I perhaps should have got some apple juice instead. So I wasn't sure on my apple sauce - in the recipe it says that the sauce should be the same consistency as the muffin batter but my sauce was very thin and batter very thick, so I don't know if that was the lack of liqueur or whether I just didn't cook it properly! Also I didn't have any full fat milk, I di…

Now for something completely different...

I've never done a meme before and I'm not even sure I've ever made a post that was completely about me! However I actually do love this type of thing - back in the days of My Space I could always be counted on to fill in whatever chain questionnaire was going around and I am a bit of a form geek - I was highly excited about the arrival of the census this week! - so I was quite happy to be tagged in this meme by Nic's Notebook and obviously it's the law that I should now complete this, so here it is!

I am: when I was wondering what to put here, Mike started singing "I am what I am..." (He also suggested "a yam" though so I'm not sure how much notice I should be taking...) but actually, that is quite a good answer, if a little bit cheesy. I always used to care so much about fitting in and whether I liked the right things or wore the right clothes or whether everyone thought I was a bit of a sad case, but now I feel a lot more confident in…


I'm sure by the time I'm posting this everybody will be sick of reading about and thinking about pancakes (I know I am!) but since I'd never made them before I had to wait until after the event to share my pancake recipe.

Yes that's right - I'd never made them before! I only remember having them for a couple of years when I was younger as my Mum doesn't really like them, and to tell the truth I'm not really a huge fan either... I always like the idea and the look of them but since I'm not big on eggs it always puts me off a bit (eggs in cakes are OK obviously, they are a lot less egg-like!)

I had bought a Pancake recipe book from Asda as it was only a quid, but I ended up using this recipe from Ruth at The Pink Whisk for the 'main course' pancakes which seemed a lot more straightforward and I liked her instructions! Sadly I didn't manage to flip any of them, I had a go but ended up giving up and using the spatula, boo! We had ours with sugar…

Marbled mocha cake

I previously blogged about my failsafe Cappuccino cake, which had always been wolfed down at the speed of light when I baked it in the past, but I struggled to get rid of the last time I made it. I mentioned that I'd found a similar recipe that would probably replace it as my 'go to' recipe for a quick and easy cake for any occasion.... and here it is!

The Marbled Mocha cake.

I ripped this recipe out of the BBC Good Food 2011 calendar and had immediately decided to make it for my best friend's birthday this year. She loves coffee cake and I thought the addition of chocolate could only add to the enjoyment! It's very similar to the other cake in both ingredients and appearance, but with just the added faff of making two mixtures to combine (a small price to pay though for the yummy coffee-chocolate combo though!)

There wasn't as much of a marbled effect as I'd hoped, but it was lovely and moist and you could really taste both of the flavours.

There it is amon…