The Unwanted Cake

What a sad story this is! This poor cake just didn't want to be eaten.

I've made this Cappuccino cake a fair few times now, including a couple of birthdays last year, and it's never let me down. It's simple to make and with the decoration being quite plain, it always looks OK too. Unfortunately, this time I really struggled to find people to take it off my hands!

One of my friends had commented on a picture of it on Facebook a while ago saying how much she liked the look of it, so I decided to bake it for her when she came over for a tea a few weeks ago. I was just putting the finishing touches to it the night before (literally sprinkling the cocoa powder over it!) when she texted me to cancel. At the time we were slightly selfishly relieved because it meant we could greedily cut into it straight away and fill our faces.

The next day Mike took a few slices into work for his colleagues... but one of them had phoned in sick. He tried to palm the last slice off on to someone from another office, but he was on a diet. He did end up taking it, but when he brought the box back the next day he said he'd given his slice to someone else. Then another friend came over the next day and I offered her a slice... after a bit of cajoling she did eat it, but picked out all the nuts! Sadly, a few days later, I had to sling the last few slices into the bin as they were starting to go mouldy.

So I felt quite sorry for this cake - I've never had to throw any of it away before! This has always been the cake that's never let me down, that fits so many occasions, that's always come out perfect and been enjoyed by everyone. The saddest thing about this story is that I've actually since tried a similar recipe (blog post coming soon!) which will probably replace this one as my failsafe cake recipe, so I'm sorry little Cappuccino cake, but I think this is the last time we'll see you!

Thanks to Mike for the photos in this post!


  1. It does look lovely! It's horrible when that happens - a friend of my (now ex) boyfriend was always commenting on pics of my cakes on Facebook so I baked a lemon loaf (the one on my blog) when we went to visit her and her new baby. She said thanks and went and put it in the kitchen, whereas I would have thought it would be the done thing to crack into it straight away and offer it to all six guests.

    In the end my boyfriend said "Come on let's have some cake then!" and everyone refused it so it was just me and him sitting eating it - I was a bit embarrassed and annoyed as well because of the time and money I'd spent making it. Needless to say she's on the Baking Blacklist now!

    (Phew sorry, looks like I needed to get something off my chest!)

  2. I hate it when that happens - events conspire against you and all your hard work and money ends up being for nothing - it looks like a really delicious cake too.

    I hope you have a more receptive audience for your next baking creation. I look forward to seeing the cake you mentioned as replacing this one in your favours!

  3. Oh no what a heartbreaking story, it looks like a tasty cake. This has happened to me a couple of times with workmates, its very disappointing. I look forward to seeing the replacement cake.

  4. What a shame! The next time you have a cake problem like this give me a call ;0)

  5. Oh nooo well it certainly looks good. I'm not sure if I like coffee cake, I think I do but I've never really had it! I wouldn't have turned a slice down anyway lol..

  6. This is so sad! I hate it when I take cakes into work and they don't get eaten... and Lucy I have had that exact same embarrassing moment, it's awful!

    This cake looks absolutely delicious though - I think I'll bookmark it for my dad's birthday as coffee is his favourite!


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