Baileys and Chocolate Chip Scones

OK, so the title's not exactly accurate - it was Tesco Finest's version of Baileys, but I can't tell the difference myself!

When I saw The Pink Whisk's recipe for these scones on Friday, I knew that they HAD to be made before the weekend was out! Scones have been on my list of things to make for ages, and I don't like raisins or sultanas so I was in search of something a bit different.

Mike and I are in agreement that these were possibly the nicest things to come out of the kitchen here so far! You could really taste the Baileys!

They were so quick and easy to make aswell - all done and dusted during the course of tonight's Top Gear.

Mike had his with that and chocolate spread, as suggested in the original recipe.

I cheated and got some squirty cream, which made for nice decoration!

We both scoffed two each in one sitting and really had to exercise some self-restraint at that point!

You can get the recipe here. Thanks so much to The Pink Whisk for sharing these beauties!

ETA: Mike would just like me to point out that it was him who did the squirty cream hearts! I couldn't possibly take credit for anyone else's handiwork!


  1. They look too scrummy! Nice to see you back from the drought x

  2. I saw these too on TPW, I don't like Bailey's though so not sure if I would like them. Maybe I could double up the choc chips instead haha!

  3. Lol - well its was the sqirty cream hearts that really finished them off so Mike did a great job! (My hubby doesn't like to miss out on his credit either teehee)
    Love the idea of chocolate and baileys in a scone form. Reckon my brother in law will love these too, baileys and scones (in that order) are his requests when he comes to visit!


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