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How to beat the January blues....

... smash up the Christmas Gingerbread house with a rolling pin, of course! I can't quite understand how I brought myself to do it. After it had been sat proudly on the table for the best part of two weeks I didn't think it was wise to eat it though, so I thought I may aswell have some fun with it, and it was quite therapeutic!

Happy New Year everyone! I've been in a kind of baking hibernation these past few weeks, which therefore leads to blogging hibernation given the nature of my blog. After all the Christmas baking and Christmas chocolate still lying around the house I just haven't been able to face making anything yet. I managed a batch of mincemeat custard tarts as the pastry was about to go off, but most of them are still in the tin, and not even worthy of a photograph.

I'm yet to feel the baking itch this year, but I may be lured back into the kitchen by two things... firstly, the January Bake It recipe (I'm craving savoury stuff at the moment and they lo…