The Snow Day Bake Off: Mincemeat Custard Pies

We got some snow at last! As we haven't lived here long, we were doubly excited about this as we couldn't wait to see what the place would look like with a dusting. We haven't had much, but it was enough to mean that Mike was told to work from home and I had an excuse to be holed up in the kitchen!

This also seemed like a great opportunity to enter A Slice of Cherry Pie's Snow Day Bake Off, and so this is my entry.

After wandering around outside taking some photos, marvelling at how pretty everything looked and grinning from ear to ear about how much we love where we live, I made some Mincemeat Custard Pies to warm us up.

Mike wasn't sure how he felt about the mincemeat-custard combo, but eaten still warm from the oven and with a dusting of icing sugar, he was very pleasantly surprised! I can't really comment as I don't like mincemeat (!!), so I only nibbled around the edges...

The best thing about these is that they were so quick and easy to make - only taking about 20 minutes in total! The recipe is available here on the BBC Good Food website (what would I do without it?! I'm not sponsored by them, honestly!) I will definitely be making sure I've got the ingredients in over Christmas as they will be brilliant to quickly whip up for any last minute visitors.

Now, can we have a bit more snow please?


  1. I can't believe you got told to work at home in THAT. It's above my knees in Hull at the moment but I'm still having to go in. I've never known anything like it, it's terrible - be careful what you wish for!

  2. Oooh u are really being my inspirarion lately - these sound amazing!! I like mincemeat but Gary doesn't so looks like I'll be eating them all haha. We live pretty near u and the snow has been pretty pathetic lol.. Heading to Dealmere Forest today to walk the doggy!!


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