Blogvent Day 6: Starry Mincemeat Slices

Back to the kitchen now for today's Christmassy Blogvent bake: Starry Mincemeat Slices!

I've been doing so much Christmas baking over the past week that I'm now deliberately making things that I don't like, this being another example! This Blogvent challenge has been good though as it's been making me try out lots of the recipes that I'd earmarked for Christmas, so now I've got a good idea of the kinds of things to make sure I have in the cupboard over Christmas, what to make as prezzies for people, and what never to bother with making again (I'm looking at you, truffles!).

Anyway, this is another one that will be making another appearance over Christmas - I'm sure we'll have some family around at some point and I love making up a bit of a buffet type spread, and I can imagine this beaut featuring centre-stage on the table! Once again Good Food has come up trumps with a quick and simple recipe, which can be found here.

It does seem like a bit of a cheat using ready rolled pastry and mincemeat from a jar, but sod it - sometimes you've got to save time where you can, and anyway I haven't had any complaints from my trusted tasters (Mike and his Dad!)!


  1. Gorgeous - can't believe you're managing so much baking - it's quite a mammoth task! p.s i'm off out to buy some ingredients for the hot choc today - mouth has been watering ever since I read about it!!!

  2. Oh this looks so pretty, although I'll have to pass because I don't like mince pies :( xxx


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