Blogvent Day 3: Chocolate Truffles

Truffles were another idea I had for festive gifts after seeing a recipe in the December issue of Good Food magazine (p.163).

There were 3 flavour suggestions: candied orange, stem ginger, or coconut and cherry. I went for the orange as I *love* chocolate orange, but unfortunately I could only get candied mixed peel instead of just orange... this meant that the flavour didn't really come through and I was cursing myself for not doing the ginger ones!

The truffles were really fun to make although you probably need to set aside at least half a day to be faffing about with them - they took longer than the 2 hours stated to chill - and make sure there's lots of room in the fridge, I lost a couple of truffles through trying to shift things about! It's pretty messy business once you start scooping and rolling the truffles as they start to melt straight away, as you can see...

It was also really difficult to get the truffles looking nice and smooth - when coating them in the melted chocolate, you really need to work quickly, and it was quite difficult to cover up the fork prong shapes... so some of them did look a bit beastly, but I guess at least it's clear that they are authentic and homemade...!

I used petit fours cases from Morrisons to put the truffles in, and am still on the lookout for boxes... these were a practice run, really. I'm not sure I would use this recipe again as they were pretty heavy going - although if you really are a chocoholic you will love them! If they had had a stronger orange flavour that would have probably made a difference though, so that's probably where I went wrong.

I've been doing some recipe hunting though and I've got a recipe for Baileys & white chocolate truffles that's next on the list, which is much more up my street!


  1. These look brilliant! I love truffles and have tried to make them a few times but they always end up oozing grease ... yuk eh?

  2. STOP making all the things I want to lol.. I have to try making my own truffles just to see how they taste! If I ever get time lol....


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